Whos dealing still with suicidal thoughts? I hope it will go away

Yes, i still have them. Mostly in the evenings… what can i do about them? Its like my cynical and bad nature which provoces them idk… i just hope those thoughts will get better…


I am having lot of suicidal thought …fhshshsh this life …kskskks me …jsjsjsj i am all alone…

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I had suicidal thoughts for years and years. It gets better after menopause for us women.

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Me too i am alone… since 16 years. Nobody cares it seems… you have me, thank you to you… lets fight this. What was you doing to chase them gina? At least you had a life in the past. Me, i am a prisoner of my house since two decades… it looks like meds try to work on me in the day, but in the evenings its the same ■■■■…

When I was in my mid thirties, and in my worst throes of suicidal thinking, a nurse told me to wait and it gets better after menopause. She was right!!! All my suicidal thinking went right out the window when I went into perimenopause.

Mine have gotten better. Although they are still bad sometimes.

Anna, can you maybe split your doses so you are covered in the evening? Ask your doc first of course.

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No, ill regret it badly if i have another years like this. Its not an option for me to wait my fifties. Iam a human being for god sake, i need a life not when ill get old… i wont have anybody whom to talk too if my mom passes away… i need to save my life now! I never knew the joy of living or the love gina. I am sick since kid and it only got bad through the years, i was always alone and its too much for a human being…

All those years of suicidal thinking, I was doing nothing to fight it except taking meds that weren’t working. I was egging the depression on with my negative thoughts. I know that was stupid but, that was what I was doing.

Twinkle, i take my dose in the evening but i guess meds are not a miracle… ive smoked 10 joints per day for 6 years in the past while being alone and sick. Now the damages are here plus the illness…

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It could just be that there is less to do at night, easier to focus on the thoughts. Try to find something else to think of.


How are u anna today…how much did u slept today i cant sleep…my friend…

Thank you all to write me, really :kissing_heart:. I slept 3 hours far, its 3 am here, i cant sleep too now. Ive slept too much yesterday. Why cant you sleep far? Whats the time in nepal? Yes twinkle, the nights are always harder… i am all alone in the apartment.

I deal with them often. :confounded:

I took an ativan now. I guess its not a good idea to treat my sandess with benzos, isnt it? I am ■■■■■■■ jealous and angry too right now… youll say that i am a half human already :disappointed_relieved:.

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What time iz it in bulgaria…anna…

4 am far…

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I spent all last winter wishing I could die. Even now I have times where I wish that. I hope things turn around for you. I have used benzos as well to make it through.

Sleep man…have a good night sleep tight…

But is it dumb to take benzos against suicidal thoughts? Maybe an antidepressant would be better no? But some of them lift my paranoia, thats why i am not on them now. But i am fuckingly depressed but its also because my life situation is very bad.

Yes. I also took an antidepressant last winter. I took wellbutrin. It helped once it kicked in