Whos dealing still with suicidal thoughts? I hope it will go away

still getting waves of wanting to kill myself. The waves hit me and I’m paralyzed for a minute not knowing what to do, I just hold my breathe and let it roll past me. Then I try to straighten out my thinking and pray that’s the last wave. My family has me on suicide watch, working together to help keep me safe until this all passes. Hopefully it will be gone soon and I can stay out of the hospital this year. I hope you all stay alive too.

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Anna1 Don’t give up. There are reasons worth living for.

I still have thoughts of suicide everyday. I use meditation and relaxing music to get me through my suicidal thoughts. It works pretty well if I can get my mind clear first.

Can they fade away if I dont pay attention to them? One guy told me to tell to those thoughts ‘‘go away’’ but it looks like another obsessive thinking, no?
thanks @anon40653964, but its hard now. I feel as some dummy, I dont get some things often still. I dont enjoy things, I can get very anxious still even with my mom. I have false beliefs too and sometimes I am heavily breathless for hours in the presence of the others. isn’t this the hell? plus, the docs cant help me more on this… I have only my mom who is great help and great guide in my life now… It sucks, our other relatives suck… we havent any other relatives anymore…

It is difficult but do not give in. Sometimes we have to push ourselves to do somethings.

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I get suicidal thoughts when I’m stressed like when I get anxiety and nobody understands. Or after a big argument with hubby.
But it always passes.
Know that it always passes. Life is a cycle. What goes down must come up.


I get suicidal thoughts a lot, too.
I’ve come pretty close, some days, and some days I’m just fine.