Everytime i start thinking

everytime i start thinking about my life i get an intense suicidal urge kind of feeling, i dont like it but sometimes it feels like theres no point in trying to do anything in life why not just end it and be at peace.

i dont know if i will ever recover from this feeling, it started with benzo withdrawal but even taking benzos doesnt even help it i don’t know what can be done, i know i dont wanna commit suicide or even think about it but this feeling is intense and its every day

That sounds serious. You need to tell this to your psychiatrist asap. When can you speak to them ?

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i just checked my next appointment is in less than a week

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That’s good. Make sure you tell them all you’ve told us.

I used to have it really really bad but I started taking Rexulti and it stops the bulk of it. I’m not going to say that I completely don’t think about it, but the worst of it is gone. I don’t know what it is about Rexulti for me that works but maybe you can find a med that helps you too, maybe Rexulti maybe something else. It’s absolute torture to want to die all the time and to be contemplating suicide. I wish you the best.

From jumping back on the benzos…there is a term for that, it escapes me.

The cessation syndrome with benzos is notorious.

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