Who runs this site


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correct. that is a reference to “the office”. Had you said it wasn’t that would be false.


I don’t think you understand what that means to us. We frequently get flat-out attacked, which creates a very hostile work environment for a bunch of mentally ill volunteers, then accused of unfair censorship when we say we don’t want to be insulted on a regular basis. Honestly, we sometimes have to shut down controversial topics just for our own mental health. We also shut down any topic that directly insults any other member of the forum. I don’t think anyone should have to put up with wild accusations and unbridled hatred at the place they go for support.


@ninjastar for president !! honestly, it’s like people don’t think mods have feelings…I think all the mods on here are fantastic…


Well to whoever runs this site and all those involved I’d like to give a big THANK YOU. Before I found this site I felt more ill and suicidal.


I agree 100% jukebox. These forums are more civilized than many others with so called “normal” people.


i reckon i’d have frequent panic attacks if i was faced with overwhelming criticism as a mod on here every day, sorry i was a pain in the expletive.


On my iPhone I don’t even see the ads with Safari. I only see them if I am on my Windows computer and that is next to never. I am always on my phone or my iPad.

I just turn my computer on to apply for jobs or scan stuff or print stuff out.


Let’s be honest, szadmin is making money off this site. I think he initially had great intentions. However, it’s turned into a profitable gig.


It really hasn’t. I 100% am being honest. One contract with the very small company Brainvitaminz is enough for us to keep the lights on and that’s about it. If this was a full time gig for any of us, we would tell you. This is completely volunteer driven. The admin team makes no profit.


The admin team doesn’t but the owner of the site does.


ninjastar, was wondering if this site is a registered charity?

i think it should be a registered charity, non-profit organisation

but it would be nice if mods etc got some sort of reward for all of their hard work


I wasn’t attacking. Just explaining how the sites where I worked…worked. And as I said I assumed Adsense because the ads show blank to me. I figured it was making money to pay for hosting and content and maybe some left over. I wrote for a baby health site, diabetes, nursing, and a few others in health that was run that way. No one is getting rich off of them.

I got angry over being accused of saying things I didn’t say. The first post was about psychiatrists and meds, so I was addressing that.




i completely respect that! i guess i never really saw it from the other side or noticed the extent of it. I think a lot of the time its people who are manic or having symptoms or just a bad day. I didn’t realize it impacted you guys so much. You’re doing a great job btw. sorry


A bunch of bored hobbit’s gettin’ their kicks from all the misery.


was thinking maybe you guys could crowdfund yourselves :joy::joy::joy:

@firemonkey thanks for that


The brother of a deceased SZ. He has dedicated much of his money and time (we’re talking decades now) generously supporting friends and family of those with SZ and those SZs themselves. He’s a good dude.



You are 110% wrong. He has actually suffered financially keeping this site going. Not saying how I know or sharing more than this as it’s not my place to. Please stop poking at the guy, we’re all blessed that someone cares about us as much as he has.


i wish szadmin could talk a bit more, i miss his interaction on here, i think it was good for morale


I wouldn’t care if he is making money off it.


Ok…then why don’t we all push to HAVE adsense put in the forum? You can set it to show only 1 ad per thread. If it is how you said then honestly, he deserves it. I know for a fact that Adsense can bring in 1k per month on low level ads. He could use it to pay for hosting and not go in debt.

I mean, really, it wouldn’t hurt anyone to see 1 or 2 ads and know that as a whole we are helping someone that is helping others. We already are expised to ads where we don’t ask for them. Here we COULD ask for them and be helpers.