Who runs this site


You know what, don’t bother replyng to me. I’ve seen you do this before. I’m not playing your game. Have a fun night.


idk but im glad its here




They spelt Snickers wrong :yum::yum::yum:


here, here! and to randomly typing numbers to get over the minimum characters! 123412341234123


Well I’ve only had one meal today compared to my usual 2-3. Was feeling too bad due to a headache for most of the day.



No, not you.

@ZombieMombie seemed very angry.


I think the admin runs the site and he probably loses money. Maybe they have some rich benefactors or something. I think his brother had schizophrenia, correct? Overall, I think this is a good site because they limit ads but even I get silenced often over my delusions…Overall, I keep coming back because it’s supportive and fun.

Better than most forums around.


thanks a lot man, this is important to know i think. The sarcosine ads probably help out with it i hope (shhhh,big brother is watching haha just kidding)


idk why no-one mentioned the fact that the owners have family members who suffer from sz and invented this forum and website in their honour, the ads pay for it but ‘so what?’ lol

i’m just glad we can come and share and be part of this great online family,

we are a community of unique individuals with common hopes and aspirations lets not spoil it by besmirching the forums owners name with aspersions about their integrity.


ahh one of the few gluten free chocolate bars :slight_smile: Mars bars are not BTW


Ya know, I only explained what I did and said “more concerned” because of the OP about doctors and meds. Instead of pushing meds. But I’m the bad guy.


amen me too, nothing wrong with ads…theres really only one :confused: and its quite fitting and helpful. for vitamins that help fight the disease! Whoever runs this site had a really good idea i think. For a disease that can make you asocial, an online community is genius. Its like a crutch, but also you make real friends



To clear the air: the admin team does not use random ads for this site. They allow exactly one ad, for a treatment for schizophrenia that is not widely known. The revenue from this one contract with this one company barely covers the fee for discourse and hosting. Everyone on the admin team has other jobs that they actually make money from. This is a volunteer gig for everyone.

Most of the admin team has family members with schizophrenia and they just want to help. The primary concern of this site always has been and always will be providing information to people about the latest in schizophrenia research.

And, on behalf of all the volunteers of this site, I’d just like to remind you that we are all human beings who care greatly about people who have schizophrenia. Some of us actually have schizophrenia ourselves. We are not a nebulous shadow organization profiting off the suffering of others.

I’m going to open this back up as long as everyone behaves themselves.



That’s actually very noble, then. I was basing my views on what I’ve seen before.

The ads show as blank spaces on my phone so I assumed Adsense. Every ad looks the same to me.


hey zm dont sweat it :slight_smile:


ofcourse! i dont think most people were saying anything was wrong with the owners/mods. No need to shut it down though, the mods should allow conversations even if it was offensive to them…impartiality should be everywhere… i appreciate you opening the conversation back up. Its all love all around!