Who runs this site

Is it a bunch of psychiatrists in white lab coats ready to medicate ?

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It is run by a great group of volunteers. :sauropod::sauropod::sauropod:


Probably a media company that is far more concerned with creating content to generate views for ad compensation that with the forum. I’ve worked for such companies and even the forum is only another source of income.

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I honestly don’t know, but the old intelligence specialist in me thinks they’re software developers.

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the people that pay for this site to be here I am most grateful to…this site has changed my life so much and I am so happy to be here…one time this site closed for about six months and I felt like I really lost something special…here’s to another hundred years of schizophrenia.com !!


I take it you haven’t gone psychotic from being off meds yet? Give it some time …

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We as posters here create the content. As far as I am aware there are no ghost writers here.

No It’s the bloke who runs the chip shop Elvis comes in for his nightly burger :wink:


This site is more than the forum. There are many articles on site.

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That is true but I very much doubt content is being created for ad revenue more than it is to better inform people . This is a support venture through means of articles and the forum. It is not some dastardly ,money grabbing , capitalist venture.


I didn’t say it was. But it takes.money to run a site. Money to pay for content and pay for hosting. Where do you think that money comes from? Why do you think there are even ads 8n the forum? With as much traffic as this site gets I know for a fact from doing this for a living that the revenue isn’t chump change.


Support or not something has to pay the bills.

@ZombieMombie no I think that’s wrong…the owner of this site pays to keep this site so strong.


There’s a big difference between raising money to keep the site operational through the use of a few ads ,and ad revenue being a primary motivator over and above being a source of information and support. Or are you really suggesting sz admin is motivated by greed to have this site up and running ? If so I think that’s very unfair.


Then why do you think ads are displayed? It’s Adsense.

The views and clicks translate into an account that pays out once the account reaches $100 once a month.

The owner does pay out of his pocket but Adsense pays into that pocket. If that was not true there would be no ads. Ads support the site and extra money would go to pay writers for content- even doctors write paid content.

Like I said, I worked for sites like this. It is how the Internet economy works.

Where once did I say greed? I said more interested in the ads. You can make money and still care.

If you think that money isn’t a motivator then why don’t you ask for ads to be removed and everyone pay a modest membership fee, enough to run the site.

Regardless let’s all be friends. :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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Wow. Amazing that you know exactly what I mean! Tell me…what else will I say tonight?

How about you don’t read things into my words.

Come on guys. Let’s take a break. :blush::blush::blush:

I read what was there to be read. Please don’t tell me how to think.

I’ll tell you how to not distort my words. Don’t freaking accuse me of saying something I didn’t.