Who runs this site


I very much care that you’re falsely accusing someone I have a great deal of personal respect for.


I wanted to show you guys what I see so you know why I didn’t know it was the same ad and not revolving. They’re blank.


I believe you. That’s what lots of people see. Just try not to jump to conclusions about people in the future, okay?


That sounds like a personal problem.


I’m done with you.


I never said anything bad. I assumed it was a normal set up. But really, now I think we should push for ads to help out.

If we make a thread as a petition do you think he’d listen? As a way for us to give back. He wouldn’t have to keep money, he could gift it to NAMI or another SZ related charity in the forum’s name.


Not going to hurt my feelings.



Okay, I said to behave. Come on guys. And @ZombieMombie don’t worry about it. They’re very against having random ads on here, probably because of the number of folks who have delusions of reference.