Forum posters who are in receipt of drug money

I think some of the positive posters of this forum are actually in receipt of drug company money, paid to be positive and make it look like you can have a meaniful life taking these F***ing S*** drugs.

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In regards to anti-psychotics I went from Risperedone to Haldol to Seroquel to thorazine to zyprexa to clozaril to risperedone to saphris to prolixin to saphris…and hated every single one of them and thought it was all ■■■■■■■■

now im on abilify and I would never go off it unless it stopped working for some reason.

its all about finding the right one with the least side-effects for you

but you don’t have to believe me

its part of the process and struggle of being SZ. sucks for us.

I will be collecting my $100 now for this post. Thanks.


Yes, they are bad for you.

But if i don’t take them then guess what, torture! Torture that is even worse than the drugs! Thats my choice here. More torture or less torture.

And yes if you do not absolutely need to take these things you never should. Never take pharmaceuticals unless not doing so is worse.

My life really depends on it i suppose, and not just my life but i will experience deep suffering without them.

Possession sucks so bad, so so bad.

Im also a blackbird, just waiting to be free.


This website is very pro-medication and pro-psychiatry. People want to believe in the hope of cure-all drugs. The long-term, negative side effects of medication are usually downplayed or ignored. No one here is paid to hold to certain viewpoints; it’s simply a part of the culture here. Other mental health forums are not so pro-medication. Some encourage medication discontinuation (without negatively impacting health) as a worthy goal. You won’t find too many people on this forum that encourage medication non-compliance (though there are a few, myself included).


Damn, I thought I could keep my position as an Eli Lilly executive a secret .


that’s funny.
take care :alien:

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This is just not true(bordering on a blatant lie) people here are very upfront on how medication affects them, whether positively or negatively.
When it comes to medication there are more positions held than a very strong belief in meds and a very strong opposition to meds.

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It’s not a lie; it’s my experience.

You are pro-psychiatry and pro-medication, so our perspectives are likely to diverge.


Well we usually don’t hear about the people that don’t take meds here because:
:pushpin:They are in jail.
:pushpin:they are homeless
:pushpin:they are too ill to figure out how to post
:pushpin:they are in the hospital
:pushpin:too broke for a phone or computer


There are Pharmaceutical Reps that do that in Drs offices, but not on here. If someone could give meaning to my life, I’d gladly welcome them. I know it’s up to us in the end though.

It is either a lie in that you are deliberately distorting what people say in relation to medication and it’s effects or it reflects your inability to understand what people have actually said. Take your pick.

As for the pro psychiatry/pro medication comment as framed it suggests people are 100% pro or anti both, which is simplistic in the extreme.
Re psychiatry I an critical of but not antipsychiatry. It is flawed and some reforms are needed, but it is not the force of evil that some claim it is.
Re medication, my views are ambivalent. Personally it’s had a mediocre effect with relatively few side effects but I am aware that it has made a noticeable difference to some people. If I was myopic enough to base my opinion purely on my own experience then I would be negating the experience of others who have had more positive results from it.
I also accept that for some the therapeutic benefits are outweighed by the side effects and agree more should be done to help such people.

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i think this is something you need to discuss with your care team, sounds like paranoia which is a symptom of this illness.

btw if what you are saying is true about getting paid for being well on meds then i want a back payment lol

i wonder how much that would be

but as they say… you can’t put a price on being happy.

This forum can be summed up in the following advice:

[a] take your medication

if that doesn’t work…

[b] get a medication-adjustment.

The notion that medication may be counter-productive is never considered, despite the evidence that it may be so.

This is why I describe this forum as pro-psychiatry and pro-medication.


Man, I wish. Daddy needs more toys for his podcasting suite.



You forgot:

  1. Exercise regularly
  2. Eat properly
  3. Keep a recovery oriented attitude
  4. Do whatever you can to function on the lowest dose you can

I’m happy for SZs who function well without meds. Haven’t met many, unfortunately. :frowning:



Considering how common delusional beliefs and hallucinations are around here, even by those who take copious amounts of drugs, I can’t say I’m impressed with the results.

The drug cocktails are particularly disturbing to me. Though no one seems to feel the same way.

The worst sin you can commit on this forum is to discontinue medication, and to argue for its benefits. People can be drugged out of their minds 24/7 and that is perfectly acceptable to the status quo here. I find it disturbing and inhuman.


i am always saying how i was on the wrong med and overmedicated for about 7 years, i was like a zombie, but it was a choice between that or losing my mind,

maybe losing my mind would have been what god intended but would god have intended for me to get medication? and find a better med and be where i am just now? i think he would,

i feel sorry for all of those people that went before and never had any help, they were just locked up and sometimes even tortured, its pretty sick when you think about it.

preach lies and half-truths in an effort to persuade others to stop their medication. Getting tired of your crap.

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