Who is on two antipsychotics

I’m on a low dose of Thorazine and a high dose of abilify both now at night.

The Abilify seems to be more activating than anything.

The low-dose of Thorazine really actually balances the feeling that Abilify gives me

Albeit activating, the Abilify still really helps with the mood and psychosis. But alone, it causes me irritability and restlessness. The sedation caused by the Thorazine really helps To balance it a bit


Abilify is usually recommended to be taken alone without any adjunct APs. Here’s what literature says:

High affinity of aripiprazole for D2 receptors means that combining with other D2 antagonist antipsychotics could reverse their actions and thus often makes sense not to combine with other antipsychotics [1]

[1] Prescriber's Guide: Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology: 9781108926010: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Amazon.com

And talking about myself, I’m on 2 APs as well. Clozapine + Amisulpride.

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Well I went one day without the Thorazine because the pharmacy ran out and I was very manic and irritable yesterday. But last night I took the Thorazine again with the 25 mg Abilify, and I’ve never felt so relaxed in my life actually. No longer irritated.


If it was a danger issue I would be concerned. But usually I feel the med rules are not so specific or generalized as this where the individual responds to treatment differently. I’m sure this works for me in terms of therapy. As long as there’s no dangers im good with it

I take high dose Invega (12 mg) with low dose clozapine for sleep (25 mg). This combo in addition to Wellbutrin seems to work for me.

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The only bad caveat, you still have to do blood tests often despite clozapine being such a low dose?

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No, I don’t. I do one bloodtest a year to check my values.

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Me, I’m on clozapine and abilify

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How’s that working for you ?? :slight_smile:

Hope all is well @Crystal-Cotton !! :slight_smile:

I’m on high dose of abilify and 50mg daily qutiapine

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Yes i take two. Ziprasidone 80 mg in total, and Clozapine 325 mg. Works well for me.

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It’s working mostly

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I’m glad the Thorazine balances you out.

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I’m on invega and olanzapine

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i’m on a 2 weekly shot of risperdal consta 50mg and then 200mg clozapine day. That works well for me.

Just 40 mg latuda, 4.5 vraylar, here. So ya. I feel less symptomatic.

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I was on Fanapt (8 mg twice a day) and Seroquel (250 mg at night). I had to stop the Seroquel cause it raised my blood glucose levels.

I was on abilify and risperidone for like 5 years. I never felt so alive when they changed my medication to just 10 mg haldol. Now I’m on 5 mg haldol only and I still feel over medicated but I’m still alive. I was dead in my mind on abilify and risperidone.

I’m on high doses of invega 12mg and latuda 140mg…I still hear voices but the only side effect I have is having to pee often from the invega. Going to switch out the invega for something else

I’m on a moderate dose of Geodon 120mg (40am 80pm) and 50mg of Loxapine.

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