Anyone on two different antipsychotics?

I take 10 mg abilify and 12 mg invega.

Generally prescribers are not supposed to put someone on more than one AP unless they are treatment resistant (meaning that they’ve tried many different APs at different doses and none helped on their own). This is due to the many health concerns that come with APs.

I’ve been on Geodon and Seroquel for a long time. They control my symptoms with few side effects.

I’m on medium doses of Seroquel and Rexulti. Plenty of people are on two, that was the only thing which worked for me.

Some psychiatrists are staunchly against it, the truth is that is an old fashioned mindset. Just like all these old dudes who want to keep you on zyprexa and risperidone because they have the highest efficacy. Or thosr who are too eager to put everyone on clozaril.

It’s not exactly old fashioned…being on two APs increases risk for things like TD…some APs can increase risk for diabetes…can cause heart issues, even increase risk for certain cancers…etc…so being on two can make things even worse.

However if the benefits are deemed more beneficial than the risks than I think that’s definitely an option to take.

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There have been studies where a combination of an ap with strong side effects with one which is more neutral is better. Eg low dose clozapine plus low dose aripiprazole. Better for metabolism than just high dose clozapine.

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Abilify and Seroquel is a popular combo

I’m on rexulti and seroquel, soon to try abilify in the place of rexulti. -idones and -apines are supposed to work well together. Abilify Has alot of d2 dopaminergic activity, while seroquel binds weakly to both d2 and 5ht2a. I think if you take them close together it is possible one cancels out the effect of the other.

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No, this doesn’t happen.

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Well, seroquel is an antagonist at d2 while abilify is a partial agonist. I am thinking the remaining dopamine from abilifys partial agonism might be antagonized by seroquel. So the end result is just antagonism, not partial agonism. Essentially you are on one drug, not two.

I read in someones post once that abilify monopolizes the d2 receptors, meaning taking another ap with abilify gets canceled out by abilify. Abilify has tight binding at d2 almost at the level of haldol.

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Yeah on paper it looks like they would cancel each other out but in real life all would be fine.

Seroquel, invega, and now just added lithium but i think thats a mood stabilizer but i could be wrong. Then my anti depressants and benzos on top.

I take Geodon and Latuda but I am in the process of coming off the Latuda.

I’m on high doses of haldol and Latuda works well but does have side effects

I’m on Abilify and Seroquel.

I’m the only one on this forum, I think, that is on three different AP’s: Risperdal Consta, Geodon, and Seroquel. But, I was very treatment resistant and hesitant to try Clozaril. I was frankly scared sh-tless of it.

Hi, sorry to restart this topic, but I just saw this.
My cousin was just asked to take 5mg olazapine and 25mg clozapine as a starting dose and I expect this to increase.
Has anyone used this combination before and at what dose? What were the effects/ side-effects?
She is being treated for schizophrenia but has not had any suicidal thoughts in the past 5 years so I’m skeptical of clozpine but wanted your opinion.


Geodon and abilify. I will soon b on only geodon

There is a family and caregivers part to this site, probably best post on there if it’s not for you but a close relative.

I take 3 antipsychotics in high doses. I guess i am treatment resistant