Who is on two antipsychotics

I’m on Lurasidone and Olanzapine, 60mg and 2.5mg respectively. Relatively low doses, but totally stable.

I’m on three antipsychotics.

I’m on Clozapine, Invega Sustenna, and Zyprexa.

I’m on paliperidone susstenna depot and perphenazine.

I am on Abilify & Clopixol.

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İ m on 350 mg 3 monthly trinza and 200mg significant side effect other than weight gain.

I was on three until recently.

Amisulpride is the main one

Aripiprazole (Which I quit) was only 5mg to control prolactin, which it did nothing to help

Levomepromazine I used to take for sleep. I stopped it as in the mornings I was forcing myself up at like 5am in order to wake up enough to drive to work without being dangerous.

I’m on stelazine tablets cojunct with a monthly modecate injection. The doctors think its working great however I beg to differ.


I get a monthly shot of Resperidone, 400mg of Seroquel every night, and 100 mg of Seroquel prn.

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I’ve been on three AP’s for many years now. Geodon, Risperdal Consta shots and Seroquel. I’m in remission because of it.

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Let your pdocs know that the meds aren’t working as well as they think.

I had that problem too. For years my pdocs and psych nurses and everyone else would exclaim to me about how much “better” I was doing. And all I could think of was: Are they talking about me? and, Do they see something I don’t?, because I wasn’t doing better at all.

I’m no on those too


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I’m on amisulpride and started seroquel

Yes. Will do next appointment! I’ve been trying to graduate uni for a couple years and this current combination of trifluoperazine + modecate injection + cogentin is seriously hampering my memory.

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When I said I wasn’t doing better, I meant that I was still psychotic, at that time.

Yeah, i understand. Im still hearing noises everyday so i believe i am still psychotic as well. I was on risperdal before and it took away my psychosis, so i dont understand the reason for them keeping me on this drug. The faults of living in a “third world” country where drugs are hard to get. Especially during this pandemic.

I’m currently on invega susstenna depot and perphenazine.