Who doesn't hallucinate!

Hallucinations is not part of my symptoms, but delusions is my worst, followed by depression, wondering mind and racing thought, i am managing anxiety. But how many of you don’t hallucinate.

before i got on antipsychotics sometimes i thought (okay, frequently), that my neighbor was using laser pointed microphone technology on my room thru the window. lol

anyways my main and only symptom has been hearing voices. but since cutting WAY back on caffeine i dont hear voices anymore and im getting off the antipsychotic. still taking 0.5 mg klonopin tho which i always thought helped more than the antipsychotic. anyways sorry just wanted to write!


I see pictures in my mind that I don’t want to see. But i don’t hallucinate. I also felt like I was being psychicly harrassed.

i don’t have visual hallucinations, just voices. i don’t know how i’d cope if i had both tbh.

I don’t not no more.

I’ve never had hallucinations. Just delusions, and visions of violence. I haven’t had any delusions since three years ago when I started on antipsychotic medication.

Seems like percentage of not hallucinating among schizos are very minimal.

The other night I saw a shadow person looking at my candle.

Edit to add: I am very sleep deprived. Get 2-3 hours per night.

Seen shadow people before. Thought it was due to some vodoo or black magic going around.


" Shadow People are the bottom feeders of the Paranormal World. They like to feed on the energy of people who are already down and out. Their favorite type of people to pick on are those who are already suffering from depression. They also tend to target those who have somehow lost their faith in God.

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I don’t have visual or auditory hallucinations. No delusions, either.[quote=“Mindwhisperer, post:1, topic:1866”]
depression, wondering mind and racing thought,
I do have these symptoms.

Antipsychotics don’t help with wondering mind and racing thought, if i wasn’t having delusions i would never take pills, and for my depression i would look forward for suppliments.

Good to hear that your in the process of stoping meds. And if you can handle the suspiciousness without meds. You will enjoy your life much better than being on antipsychotics.

I have other symptoms. Things become unbearable for me without the antipsychotic. If I could live without it, I gladly would.

I dont hallucinate but have delusions, before the illness everything in the world was clear for me and obvious but now for solving my problems I must think inside my skull and it sucks and takes my energy.

I’m diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia but I have never hallucinated. No voices, no visual hallucinations. But plenty of delusions. But no typical delusions. No FBI or CIA paranoid delusions, no religious delusions, no delusions about aliens, implants, chips, bugged phones, or being spied upon. Nothing like those. And I think you are right when you say that it is rare when someone has our diagnoses but doesn’t have those symptoms.

I get hallucinations. When they happen I don’t think hallucination and they don’t look any different to anything else. The only way to spot them is by the delusions i have. I get more audio hallucinations than visual.

I don’t hallucinate or have delusions now for about 6 months(even without meds) but yet I fight with agitation, mild ambivalence and pain.

If you were diagnosed with schizophrenia and never experienced hallucinations or delusions of any kind, I would seriously consider getting a second third or fourth opinion

Much of the stuff I have experienced has an explanation. Even as a child I was accepting of spiritual things, and various belief systems I’ve been involved with all teach the spiritual nature of visions. Not that these things happen all the time, but on occasion they do.
I try and tell the difference between what the mind does and what can be external.
Things like a quick flash in your perifrial vision, spots, or a bright blue or green light usually has a physical explanation, like the way your brain interprets something, or your eye whacks out for a second.
I cannot relate to the ongoing dialogue of voices like some experience. I have heard them, but again, just occasionally. Usually it some type of teaching.
but i have had the music and songs come from fans or air conditioners. I’ve seen other people report that too. Could be auditory hallucination, but I also have a theory that the vibration of the fan spinning somehow picks up and channels music that is in the atmosphere. One time I heard Jimi Hendrix play songs he never published when he was alive. Sounded just like his guitar…and was pretty awesome.