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Hi, I know that people with schizophrenia can experience a variety of symptoms. I am wondering if there is anyone on this forum who is diagnosed schizophrenic yet has had no visual or auditory hallucinations or has perhaps only experienced them once or twice ever but yet experience the other (primarily negative) aspects of schizophrenia as their primary symptom?

I’ve heard of a few. But that’s not me. Hallucinations and little glitches are a daily thing. They are low grade, usually at night when I’m tired and my meds are wearing off.

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard voices or had visual hallucinations. I do, however, have very strong paranoia and delusions. And very prominent negative symptoms.

But no hallucinations in almost a year.



@radmedtech I suppose I forgot to clarify. Is that how your symptoms manifest themselves even off medications?

Oh! No, definitely not! Off meds, I have horrible hallucinations.

I’ve never had any hallucinations. For me its the delusions of thought broadcasting, hidden cameras, and food poisoning + suicidal thoughts. I’ve never been able to shake the thought broadcasting, even with meds.

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Hi my symptoms are absent when on my meds. My sleeping medication trazodone when I’m like nodding off to sleep I can experience a depression sometimes. But if your on the proper meds I really don’t think you should be experiencing auditory or visual hallucinations. You should be stable and life almost normal. I imagine lots of people even though while on meds have hallucinations, its because they are not on the proper dose or med that is right for them.

I dont have hallucinations, just only hypnopompic and it is caused by my sleep problem. I have delusions (persecutory type) and depression, depression starts whenever i go below minimum dosage of my med, and about negative symptoms, only low energy and thats caused by my med.

I have no visual or auditory hallucinations. No delusions. My symptoms when unmedicated are extreme withdrawal and disorganized thought which is always there - meds or not. My diagnosis has been chronic undifferentiated and schizoaffective,

Pob, is disorganized thought just feeling very dull. I would say that I suffer from what seems to be disorganized thought or what to me appears to be “dementia”. Infact, my father was describing to me how my grandpa is (unfortunately) experiencing mental decline as he is now in his upper 80s. The way my father described him was as an individual who can only think about one thing at a time and gets easily overwhelmed when many people are talking, for example (basically a lacking ability to multitask). Also he said his ability to plan and to think on a “long term track” has diminished. Also my dad described him as being more detached as of recently. As unfortunate as this is, when my father described my grandfather I felt he had described me perfectly as well.

The difference between my grandfather is that he is elderly and I am only in my mid twenties. Also, for me, this cognitive deficit is something that has happened to me over the last couple years, not something I have always had. It has occurred parallel to other symptoms of near dillusion and paranoia. I am searching for a proper way to communicate these issues with my doctor (as I have mentioned to him that I think I may have schizophrenia before), but then again he is only my primary doctor, not a psychiatrist. I don’t know what kind of doctor I should see and speak with to discuss whether I have schizophrenia (or some subtype) or not.

I have paranoid schizophrenia. Never had any hallucinations, visual or auditory. Delusions are my main positive symptom. With thought broadcasting.

I have some of that. But I think disorganized thinking is something else. I heard it refered to as not able to think in a straight line. That sounds like me. Ask me a question - my answer might go out in several directions. My thinking is that way too. I can write much better than I can talk or even think. I do have some of the cognitive deficit too.

You should make an appointment with a psychiatrist if you have questions. A primary Dr isn’t as knowledgeable about such things.

Pob, I have heard that some individuals have difficulty formulating clear sentences, or experience “word salad”, but I am wondering if what you are talking is more along the line of going on a tangent. Do you ever feel that when you converse with someone about something that you have a difficult time being specific to the topic at hand? Is what you are telling me a knack for going off on tangents, albeit in perhaps a more severe way? I feel like this describes me as well. However I feel like through college writing thesis papers and such really helped me stay on task because it allowed me to remind myself “what is your thesis statement, what is the topic you are discussing”. If I didn’t do that however, and I was having a conversation with someone, I feel like I would perhaps just start tangenting into a bunch of different things, depending on what though was stimulating me more. And when I think about it, through college I made friends that could tolerate that “randomness” of my thinking.

@droctagonapusbl I raise my hand to answer yes. Indeed, I never had hallucinations of any kind, nor did I have control thoughts of any kind for that matter, yet my diagnose is still schizophrenia, I guess for lack of a better name. New generation antipsichotics and standard schizophrenia medication does the trick for me so, even though my problem might be rooted in a different segment of my brain than your standard sch, I still consider myself a diagnosed schizophrenic. Hope that helps.

@pob I share this problem with you, disorganised speech or even impossibility to speak whatsoever (alogia) sometimes, if I’m off my meds or I feel threatened (some find that my main delusion is a persecution delirium while in a psychotic phase). Also, I totally find expressing myself in writing easier than talking with someone, at work my colleagues are used to IM me instead of asking me direct questions if they want a straight answer.