Anyone else never hear voices or have a hallucination?

Does anyone else here have just delusions, no voices or hallucinations? I have delusions but nothing else and was diagnosed SZA

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I’ve had very few instances of voices. But the thoughts in my head don’t always seem to be my own.



This describes me. I don’t hear voices but my delusions make me feel like a bad person similar to what voices can do. These feelings are somewhat constant so my struggle is real.


You said : the thoughts in my head don’t always seem to be my own.
How you can proof to yourself this fact ?
1- The cognitive content of the heard thoughts disagree with your personal knowledge,culture or philosophy
2-The thoughts did not established according to your will or mental effort ( you are in a state of the hearer not the planner)
3-You perceive your original thoughts as normal beside hearing vocal thoughts from unknown source (hidden speaker has not visual features in the material world) )
4- The heard thoughts have not the same phonetic features characteristics of your natural voice

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I don’t hear voices or have hallucinations. Even when unmedicated. The one time I did was when I was on seroquel. That messed me up and I went bananas on it and I also heard distant music and had hallucinations.

Edit: I’m diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.


I would surely be delusional if my Invega didn’t work to keep me delusion free. I have had delusions while off of meds but never any hallucinating or hearing voices.

I did believe I was being communicated with through music but all that I heard was actually being sang I was just interpretting it irrationally.

You dont need hallucinations with schizoaffective or schizophrenia. Here is something that might help if you need help with knowing the criteria for schizoaffective disorder. It list the dsm criteria but is very vague for the icd 10 criteria.

Id still be smoking if i never heard voices cause my delusions were only fueled by the voices. But techinically never had strong delusions before. Yo i was curious what that was like too but people on here described it to me… pretty crazy stuff.

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How a person with sz case feels its existence inside himself?

what is the things characteristics that be felt by person with sz without he acts or behaves ?
The Basic Potential State of Schizophrenia itself within the human nature

How can a human being feels schizophrenia condition itself within his specific psychological world,that is before he feels the symptoms of its effects over his organic/mental nature ?
we ask about the existential manifest of sz case inside the human nature (before actions and reactions),and we do not ask about the common symptoms disorder of sz ,because they are the data of schizophrenia effectiveness over the mental/organic functions (Results of Effects )

I went for years without hearing voices. I did occasionally get gustatory, olfactory and tactile hallucinations but, no audio/visual hallucinations. I started actually hearing voices and seeing hallucinations in my mid forties. I am 58. Everything is controlled by meds now.

I have delusions and tactile hallucinations disorganized speech and word salad.

But about voices i don’t know. when i started going to church i didnt know how to pray and came across the lords prayer and he said to go in your secret closet and pray like this. So for about 2 weeks for morning and evening i would do that. Then one day i did something wrong and went to pray and heard my first voice. Audibly from above maybe about 5 feet away. a clear voice of a man. and he said “make *things right” I made the one thing right that night but it wasn’t anything serious. in fact what i did wasnt a bad thing technically.

another time i was half woke and had sleep paralysis.I looked over and saw spiders or something on the wall. I would always say sorry in my head to every little thing. I would say it dozen of times.This night i kelp hearing faintly “what what what what” But this was sleep paralysis so i couldnt have been dreaming.

But one thing else i wanted to share. I think i heard from crash course on youtube that people with sz think that its aliens trying to control them. and he said sz people feel the need to react to voices.

The day i lost control over my body was the scariest day of my sza. It was random and i was laying down. I lost control looked at my arm and walked in the hallway. I feel like anything could happen at random and do anything. But me hearing voices or the one feels like it was God’s…I did something ‘wrong’ and the voice said to make it right almost before prayer. And i went to make that thing right.

another time something else happened. I walked in the bathroom on a bad day and i said to myself looking at the mirror “i know God doesn’t want me to kill myself.” instantly i felt a pinch on my head and a pull to the left. It almost knocked me down. i know that left means no and right means yes. spiting my body in half and feeling the sensations on each side of my body is the only way i communicate with my ‘imaginary friends’

Hallucinations exposure both of its existence or functions in the human nature as a whole united phenomenon,does not appears itself or behaves as a separated parts
This means that, the hallucinations effects the human nature always as a single package consist of video/audio/kinetic and emotional hallucinations,they are working together to achieve single goal

In practice,you will see a things> then hear voices > monitor inner motion> and feel a feeling “sequence”,
the visual body,heard voice,the motion and emotion all are related single subject
the parts of phenomenon working together as united event and does not act as an independent parts (image+voice+motion+ feeling = hallucination effects )

Just psychosis from me.

its Not common for me to hear voices but it has happened. As for hallucinations they have only happened on falling asleep which I think is sleep paralysis. Most of what I experience is delusions and not voices or hallucinations. I don’t think your the only one here.

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