Where do u think ur voices come from?

i have three options. i’m a schiz. it’s a pre programmed hypnotic response or i’m telepathic. personally i opt for the second one. where do u think ur voices come from?

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Top of the mountain here tucked away in a repeater site.
…and some from the underground stream that runs through our house carrying those souls who refuse to join hands through the portal.
…do we want to get into those on the other side of the fence who just can’t give it a rest?
…the list goes on.

I believe that my mind created my voices. That said I often believe there is a person who can read my mind from america. On some occasions I believe it is God who placed the voices there.

The voices come from the spirit world. How do you think the voices have a mind of their own…they maintain conversations and can talk to you, like any other person…theyre separate from your mind…

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or they r splinters of the self split into many parts. that’s what i think they r anyway. i hear both the living and the dead but i don’t believe in any of them tbh. it’s not like they’re real to me at all. just personalities i have created in my mind…by force…but personalities nonetheless.

Licquid dreamsina inter acting mind. The vice you are here is mine.

never heard ur voice zen. i don’t know what u sound like xxx

the voices could come from the mind playing tricks.

Its like we read in to it are voice are played out.

If your voices don’t come from the disease schizophrenia, then you really have no place here.

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some of my voices are gifts from my head circus and some are my family’s voices lingering and bouncing around in there. I can tell which on is which because my family’s voices are really bland and talking about the mundane. The other voices are talking about everything else

who? you could have a form of sz and beat it, fully recover

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Some of my voices come from the radio or the tv
and some are God and Angels and some are the devil and demons
the one from the radio gives me instructions for the government
i have a mission av got to do but my husband will not let me do it

Everyone has different beliefs as to where their voices come from malvok and if u read the first post by admin this site is not only open to those diagnosed but anyone who hears voices.

Some of my voices, most in fact come from tv and radio too. It would b lovely to find a med that worked though as that’s really my only problem. I don’t c things. I’m not delusional just hear voices and it pissed me off. What’s ur mission…can u talk about it? My voices tried to convince me I’d invented perpetual motion when this first started, now it’s free or rather cheap energy under a different guise but I don’t believe them. Ud b wise not to believe voices either hunni. They’ll only get u into trouble in the end. Xxx

My point is that if your voices don’t come from schizophrenia, then you don’t have schizophrenia. Why are you here?

And really, aliens, spirits, tv? Come on, the sooner you realize you’re ill, the sooner you can start to recover.

I see this forum as helping me continue my health. I would hate to loose this outlet to good health.

Well I’m here because I hear voices and have in the past had delusional thoughts. U find me a med that works and I’ll believe I’m schizophrenic. Until that day and after, unless I have unequivocal proof that I’m schizophrenic then I will stick to my story because that’s thetruth as I c it. What I get from this site is understan Iding from other voice hearers. Am idenied that because I don’t have ur level headedness?

Sorry if I don’t indulge your delusional thoughts. Nothing good could come from people feeding each others illness.

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I think the voices come out of a sense of nothing. A lack of stimulation so the mind in its deprived state goes a little bonkers making up stuff to keep us alive.