What do you guys think those voices are?

You’ve read my paper. I was wondering what you guys think the voices are?

i think my voices are mybrains reaction to the people who are supposed to protect me not protecting me
thereforei am always used to being on guard to every little sight sound somewhere in this process i hear extra added things to small noises around me what do you think?

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i think mine are splinter personalities from my own mind. xxx

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They are the feelings of a frustrated cross gender person who was originally my sex. Those people can force their way into my head. They catch me with only partial awareness - like “someone has a headache.”

Bad brain biochemistry. I think the wiring in my brain was done by an unlicensed electrician.


They sound like my family from different points in time (when I had them). It was very Scifi in here.

The voices, sure they could be just the result of a wacked out brain, my delusions though, my false memories…I don’t know where they came from but how a haywire mind could subconsciously produce a consistent storyline consisting of hundreds upon hundreds of linked memories telling the story of someone named Alexander Struck by Lightning is beyond me.

Even the voices I used to hear, it’s as if their purpose was to convince me of the reality of these false memories…believe me it’s like I went crazy and my mind subconsciously wrote a novel except that it’s a novel of visual memories, dialogue and all. I mean I would believe it if I had gone crazy and my mind produced something less…I don’t know…less sense making, less detailed, less creative, less…brilliant really. I think I tripped a wire somewhere in the cosmic scheme of things…time man…time.

you know when someone asks you ‘why are you doing that’ and you say ‘because i want to’ i thin the same happens when we hear our inner voice, we ask ourselves ‘why are we doing that’ and i say ‘because i want to’ do you know what i mean? we are asking ourselves questions and questioning our own selves about things.

trouble is when you say to your selves bad things reply to things that we think of in our heads that doesn’t make any sense and it really torments us, i think it is perfectly natural to hear ourselves talk in our heads but the trouble with us ‘voice hearers’ is that it is out of control and that is why we need help.

i don’t hear many voices now and if i do it makes sense to me and does not torment me, i do sometimes question myself or tell myself things but these are good things that help me not hinder,
i use to hear voices when i was delusional and i would hear specific sounds like bagpipes and marching band music, it was very strange.

Mine are the neighbors. They are alien vampires from the future who came back to monitor me in the hopes they could prevent me from doing something very bad (not sure that part is right, but that is what the mom told the kid who asked why do we have to be here.

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I think they are what you expect other people to say if they heard what you just thought. When you are dreaming if you ask someone a question they come up with an answer. Somewhere stored in your brain are answers for everything you would say.

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a broken radio. dodgy frenqance wave line

Actually, I haven’t. Your profile link goes to a video, which looks like a Powerpoint containing overly large blobs of text. If you have an actual paper broken down into paragraphs, I’d be interested, but I don’t do Powerpoint on Youtube. Doesn’t jive with how my inputs work.


Also until science develops a better understanding of the brain asking Where the voices come from is like asking What is the meaning of life. Both are important questions to ask and ponder but are ultimately decided by the one asking the question.

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Sorry i have it available on the forum too. Its “What is schizophrenia?” What is schizophrenia?

my voices are either super natural, or just humans with some sort of technological device
or a mix of both.

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Honestly I have no idea what they could be, some people’s ideas sound quite farfetched but who am I to say that really. I don’t understand my voices and when I do they feel demonic and I’m so scared. I don’t know anyone my age having schizophrenia so the voices are intimidating, my doc says this is normal and that everything is okay but the voices are from inside of me so doesn’t that mean they are part of me, they am me? So wouldn’t I rather trust the voices then someone else. I’m just so confused.

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A few:
-independent personality occupied a small portion of mind
-suppressed emotion / our conscience is talking
-supernatural cause
-random thoughts get past and intrude to our attention

I used to think it was the voices of everyone in my entire city… I had developed sonic hearing.

Now, I’ve been reading and the books say it’s parts of my brain misfiring.

I have the feeling that it’s just parts of my head circus sort of pinging around. Deepest fears coming to light, other ponderings and interactions with people imprinting on my head and replaying.

Somedays… I’m doing pretty good with just ignoring them. Other days… it gets so distracting.

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Who read my paper before replying?

if it was the one in the unusual beliefs section, i have to say it sounded very delusional. i know my voices are just personalities as they change topic due to triggers. no triggers and they get stuck on the same old ■■■■. hence the reason i don’t watch tv anymore. i am not telepathic in the slightest and neither are my voices. if they were clairvoyant in any way then most of the disasterous stuff that has happened to them would have been seen and avoided but it wasn’t so i know they don’t have psychic abilities. you’d hardly let your own child die would you, if you could avoid it. as for my mel gibson voice, if he was psychic then he would’ve seen the dui and the oksana tapes coming and avoided them. nah…i’m not telepathic and neither are they, and i’m certainly not telepathic with the dead. nobody is. if they were then people like john edward could give you ful names, dates of birth, addresses etcetera but nobody i’ve seen seems to b able to do that. belive it if you want but i think you’re just delusional. just my opinion. no offense intended xxx