Who's tried talking with others using the mind

Who have ave you guys tried to talk with? Why? How many of you still don’t believe the paper i wrote is the truth?

Ever since I’ve started talking with my mind I’ve been under constant telepathic scrutiny. Apparently it’s not real but I have experiences everyday that prove its real. People actually saying things next to the telepathic commentary.

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Why would you want to talk with your mind? Without body language like eye rolling it would be the end of sarcasm as we know it.


I don’t know. This is the reason you are labeled as schizophrenia.

JohnDoe - are you getting any treatment right now? Medications or therapy?

Doesn’t matter. My psychiatrist didn’t care. He read my paper and believed it.

@JohnDoe That is the problem. It does matter. You and I have differed several times. I can’t convince you of something you don’t want to believe. I don’t know what the voices are. I know what I think they are but I can’t sat for certain. All my life I have felt left out and like there was this big missing part of me. I grew up agnostic but I always questioned my place in this universe. I’ve read books on Christianity, Buddhism, Judiasm, Science, almost anything that offered answers and a sense of peace. I’m timid so I didn’t go on some quest but the part of me that wasn’t timid wanted to. The only quest I went on was a trip half way across the country to find answers in Arizona. I wanted and still want to desperately understand what I mean to this universe.

My voices, unlike yours have always been mean and vile. But you know something funny. When I first started hearing them I was happy. Because they told me things. They were mean things but I was finally getting answers.

The thing I realized after they started medicating me was even if they are the truth, I’m a human being and I’m not ready for it. Maybe when I die I will be. I don’t know. I hope the truth is a bit nicer than my voices were.

I want to make a difference in this world. I want to get married maybe. I don’t think I could handle kids. But I really want to fall in real love.

I want things like that feeling you get when you hold someone’s hand for the first time, or get a first kiss. I want to grow old and see what marvels are in store for the world.

But you can’t do any of that if you are with the voices. They may want you there but we want you here with us. You may not know us. We’ll never meet. But we know what it is like to be there. In that way we are kindred spirits. We want you to have all of those good things human beings are supposed to have too.

The medication may suck. It may make you fat and tired and take away the good part of your voices. But when you take it, you get to not be as alone. The voices will wait. If they are the truth you will find it along time from now anyway. Please.

Person, If i wasn’t who i am i would be dead. I’m not lucky, I am blessed.

Once you start to embrace the paper you will start to see the truth. It’s because I’m blessed i was able to find out all this and not have to fear them assholes.

I can not tell you to be like me and not fear them ■■■■■■■. Because i don’t want to be sued. The law don’t care for people that want to make a difference like me.

You know what i want all that ■■■■ to. I’m make my efforts for it, Maybe you should know The people that know and abuse this ( the paper ) is the reason it’s difficult for us. You can try. There are lots of experts that help people get dates and teach people how to be in a relationship. Search for Dating guru’s on the web.

I never said you shouldn’t take meds. Im just telling you all what schizophrenia is.

I couldn’t even understand it. It’s basically word salad. Your thoughts do not appear as coherent to others as they do to you. Would strongly suggest discussing your paper with your medical team first and us second. I am not trying to be mean or hurtful, but you’re in one of those situations where I think your illness is blocking you from realizing how sick you are.

Hope you get things turned around.



You mean liar or something else. I didn’t read your paper so maybe I’m missing the reference. There is no telepathy apparently I know I’m sick I also hear voices.

I think most everyone here is being more than fair to you. It’s also a thing about sz is being overwhelmingly butthurt over things that weren’t even meant to offend. I read your entire paper. It was jumbled some, but more than that, I didn’t really know what you were referencing. The only main point I remember is something close to mind-reading.

But here’s the thing. I’m sz myself. I went through the whole mind-reading feel, and am still in it somewhat. The thing is, everyone is just a person. They’re people just like me and you. And here’s what they’re thinking: “hm. a person. hm. i wonder what I’m going to eat for supper. hm…damn I shouldn’t have eaten at taco bell”. Here’s what you’re thinking: “why did they look at me? why do they hate me? they’re evil. oh crap, they know what I’m thinking. now they really hate me. they’re speaking to me through telep…” man it’s all in your head. The mind is an amazing thing, but when it short-circuits weird stuff happens.

So stop attacking people on here. These are all amazing people who can help you.

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Please be civil and supportive.

@JohnDoe, I know you want to help people. I know you haven’t gotten as many responses as you’d like. Remember that very few threads on this forum even get 320 views. Also, it’s a very long post compared to most, and people can find it difficult to read such a lengthy message. Give it time.

Also, being angry or insulting people isn’t going to get them to read your paper.

Wow i wasn’t expecting suck a nicely worded response. Im getting mad at certain people for the way they talk or whatever it is I’m getting mad about. This isn’t the only schizophrenic site I’m on so don’t worry about the views. And i will be post the paper in shorter forms soon.

i only do this when i am interrogating jedi scum.
take care


You haven’t read about Hinduism. They have movies. You can watch it on Youtube with subtitles. It astonishing how much schizophrenic things they do from the paper.

And really internet search dating gurus they will give you lots of tips of picking up women. On guru i know of is David d’angelo. I read some of his e-mail. And it looks like it will help.

Thanks for you honesty

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During my last psychosis i thought i was talking with my mind… Latter i found out i was having delusion

No, You weren’t. It’s strange when you have a psychosis attack you feel all those emotions and know what you know and then when its over you second guessing everything. They all aren’t your thoughts and feelings but the truth is the truth.

And what is the truth John Doe? Can you sum it up in a sentence.