What do u think the voices could be?

They are so special. I wonder if they are spiritual in nature but i find no proof. What do u think?

Overactive part of the brain related to auditory information/processing.


I used to think it was sonic hearing… and I was able to read minds… I also though it was universal voices from other places…

But now I’ve come to realize it’s my own head… my own brain… my own thoughts… magnified and playing around in my head.


We know what it’s the result of, at least - An imbalance in the natural chemicals that the brain produces. I have NO idea why this manifests in the form of CREATING voices and visions / feelings though.

I get that our perception of what IS real changes as a result, but not why we create fictitious experiences - By that very definition [IE a loss of contact or connection with reality] we should merely misinterpret what actually happens and not fabricate an alternate reality, you follow? So I doubt they will ever uncover why we hear things or see things, mental health, despite advances, is still such a grey area medically, I don’t think they could ever fine tune enough to ascertain why it forms the way it does.

The alien voices I often hear in response to non-verbal environmental sounds such as traffic noise or the pitch and timbre of a distorted maybe distant voice “retain certain acoustic features that were present in the original signal” and are no doubt just like when I hear and with awareness control my inner voice verbal thoughts heard out loud.

Each and every one of us are able to subjectively hear whatever we in a certain context expect to hear whenever we need to restore a verbal message (phonemic restoration of a distorted maybe distant voice) and auditory hallucinations are no different. They will always correspond to a top-down sensory expectation!

a broken radio…

Wiki quote: "Within ghost hunting and parapsychology, Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) are sounds found on electronic recordings that are interpreted as spirit voices that have been either unintentionally recorded or intentionally requested and recorded. Parapsychologist Konstantīns Raudive, who popularized the idea in the 1970s, described EVP as typically brief, usually the length of a word or short phrase.[1]

Enthusiasts consider EVP to be a form of paranormal phenomena often found in recordings with static or other background noise. However, psychologists regard EVP as a form of auditory pareidolia (interpreting random sounds as voices in one’s own language) and…"

Each and every one of us are probaly able to subjectively hear a word or two when we listen to the ambiguous souds from a radio with poor reception…

I think they are neurons misfiring in your head.


A broken brain, defective genes, a chemical imbalance etc…

Some of the perspectives I dislike.

I think they are just broken dialogue that runs on the inner conscious of a schizophrenics mind that are brought to the fore front when our minds delve deep into our patterns of thought and behavior and they’re brought to the forefront where we bare witness to them.
what I mean is some where along the line our inner conscious mind has broken its dialogue and thought patterns and as we’ve gone along our thoughts have delved to the deeper depths of the mind where we bare witness to our internal dialogue and I feel schiz meds just numb and cover that up, it doesn’t actually fix it.

look into shamanism.
Shamanism has actually been recognized as a true thing,
there’s a link between the auditory voices and hallucinations that shamans have and schizophrenics have but they’re of different types.
We have schizophrenic ones, which I forget what they’re called. But there’s an actual term for the hallucinations/auditory things we see and perceive in our “aura” or whatever its called.
And shamans have other ones, which are very similar but completely different.
and are completely recognized by the medical field, I remember reading a huge thing on it a year or two ago.


The lost ability to generate an act of will with which you are able to consciously control covert speech with regards to a certain goal may dig deep into our subconscious mind…

I experience many voices simultaneously. I do not hear them in my ears though (that sounds strange) I only hear them in my head. How do I know if these are auditory hallucinations or just an overly busy mind? If anyone needs more information, please let me know.


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Are they really that special?
All in the mind. The mind is a powerful work of art.

Lol, no, just been feeling this meme. It warms my heart when i look at it.:smiley::smiley:

They are the people without color spesking to us from the world without color. One day we all shed our colors and join them with our new colors

All mine were and are screechier versions of the â– â– â– â–  my parents, my teachers, my sunday school teachers, my coaches, the toob, â– â– â– â– -for-brains pre-1965 song lyrics, pinheaded romantic comedies and the like all fed me. Really Stoopid Ideas on (neuro-) steroids.

My intrusive thoughts are much easier to pin down: these are typically expressions that undermine pretty much my identity. Putting into question things I have been quite certain about, many times these coincide with social norms I happily subscribe to ( I am quite the average guy ). So examples would be thoughts of alternative sexualities that I do not identify with, violent thinking, racist thinking, suicidal ideation.

The voices are more mixed, and in my case also more frequent than intrusive thoughts. Many times, they play the exact opposite role of my intrusive thinking. Trying to point to what’s socially acceptable and blaming me for my intrusive thoughts that transgress such norms. But the voices can get upset by things that may be a bit taboo in public, but are all the more normal in private, such as taking a ■■■■, masturbation, sex. Any normal person will have both a public and a private life, and different standards apply to these. The voices rid you of your private life and actively try to discipline me to behave as being in public all the time.

There is another dimension to the voices that I appreciate more. Sometimes they are praising me, to a ridiculous extent, and sometimes they are blaming me and making me feel guilty or ashamed. This latter coincides often with them pointing out what is appropriate in public. I reconceive of the praises and the blaming as expressions of my bodily confidence or uncertainty. I try to very much see the voices as something belonging to me, whenever a satisfying interpretation is available. So very much like the sweat on my forehead is a manifestation of my bodily discomfort, I try to see praising voices as expressions of comfort and joy. I can feel such moods directly as well, as any normal person could, but I have extra expressions in the guise of voices telling me (indirectly) how it is with me. Similarly, I interpret their blaming and pointing to norms of appropriate behavior as an expression of my uncertainty. Rather than seeing my uncertainty as a result of the comments made by the voices. And it has occurred, that I would reflect on such issues, and after having thought about them, was able to take a firm stance - and lo, the comments on this topic would stop.

All of this is to try and own my voices. After all, I know very well that I am producing them, but as you experience them, it is quite hard to erase every trace of them being alien subjects of some kind from your ways of thinking. This has been my mission when delusional. For I identified that seeing these as actual subjects interacting with me caused me most of my distress. I think I have been very thorough in patrolling my thoughts and vocabulary for traces that imply any subjectivity on the side of the voices. But something had to come in place for this way of seeing them, I tried seeing it as mere noise for a while. But I am happier with interpreting them as somewhat meaningful expressions I can own.