What's your place like?


hi, i pride myself on having a good house and i was just wondering what different things people kept in their houses? could be decor, ornaments, pictures, anything really :smile:

i have 3 cream walls and one red in my living room lol, i have floor boards with rugs except in my bedroom where there is a cheap carpet lol, i didnt decorate it tho as it is a landlord, my things include a mechanical parrot that sits on the window sill looking out, i also have a teracota type bull i brought back from spain there as well, i have a corner table where the telly sits and a coffee table, i have a large bookcase and a half one where my snake tank sits on top with my record player (records underneath) lol, i have a two seater couch and two singles, and i recently put up a framed poster of the Hobbit and all the dwarves including gandalf.

and thats it haha, whats your place like?


My apartment building was an old Catholic School that got converted in the 70’s. So it has big windows and wide halls and larger rooms. We’re on the ground floor. I always have to live on the ground floor… in case of fire.

We have old bare wood floors and throw rugs. All of the furniture is funky second hand from various relation and none of it matches. The sis has sewn all sorts of pillows and quilts and slip covers. Then there are the bookcases. My Dad went through a carpentry phase and only knew how to make bookcases. So we have a lot of those. I always wanted to live in a second hand book shop. Of course the middle of the larger wall is dominated by the piano. So our place is pretty typical Seattle. Always ready for a rain soaked afternoon. The kitchen is super tiny, almost like it was an after thought. But the rest of the space is good.


My place is skid row but it’s nice. Hardwood floors, two wooden chairs with green cushions, wooden wall unit with radio,books. The closet near the door has close too 15 laundry detergent bottles (afraid of running out and smelling bad), My kitchen is very small. Above the sink I have white Correlle dinnerware dishes. My bedroom has hardwood floors. Under my bed I have a large tote packed with 40 Oil Of Olay bar soap (afraid of running out and smelling bad). :sunny:


I live in the basement of my parents town house. It has a kitchen living room, bathroom and my room. Then there is a storage room where I put my drum set. It has black and white tiles for the floor.


Your place sounds like the kind of place I could really get lost reading on a rainy day in another life. My place is a studio apartment but it is in the back of my mum and dads place not a set of apartments. I have a kitchen and a 2 seater solid wood table and chairs with a wooden queen size bed. A kitchen island as well, if you guys know what that is? Stero, tv mounted on the wall. Shells hanging from above my bed, a massive Buddha statue on my duchess. Clay Chinese lucky coin gigantic size hanging on the wall. Beaded doona cover, oil burners and incense and my 2 dogs are always lounging about somewhere. In the bathroom I have a wooden toilet seat cause I can’t stand plastic ones. On my verandah as any typical Australian house we have verandas so as a place to keep cool, is my wooden shoe box and a out door light that is meant to be a old fashioned fish basket net and 2 really comfortable chairs, looks on to our small vegetable garden and up to my parents place! It’s my home I love it!



I live in a little clubhouse thing in my mom’s back yard. It was made from an old shed and is 15’x15’. It has electricity but no running water. The roof is leaking. It’s pathetic and I think I need to move out. I can’t live in the house because is too disgusting, even for me. Rain drops are falling on my head as I write this. I need to get the hell out of here.


I like the sound of your place too. It’s sounds calm and cozy. Very nice. We got into our place due to the fact that my Dad is an old friend with the landlord. We get a cut in the rent if I help with the yard work.


I wish I got a cut in the rent for helping with the yard work!



I live in a duplex, the common around here. My room is dotted with pictures of my sister and her family and cousins since I have no family of my own. I have a small table with my computer, the tv is on the dresser, and the book shelves have very few books but are full of stuff I use almost every day. A close to the floor bed for ease and a closet with everything I don’t need often, besides the clothing, of course.


Daydreamer, Is the poster kind of light blue and green and has all of them walking forward in a curved
row + The Hobbit written in orange letters on the top sort of left? Kind of cartoon-like pictures. I had a poster like that and was thinking the other day I wish I still had it.

I like everything but the snake. Have you thought about furnishing your whole place with furniture you’ve made yourself?


I live in my 3 bedroom, 2 bath 1600 sq ft home with a decent front and backyard and garage. It’s almost paid for despite every other home foreclosed in this town. Lived here 21 years now. Inside has hardwood floors, put in after the flood of 2006 hit our town and water came inside our house and ruined everything touching the floor. Inside, well, it’s a long story, not for here, but, someday, I hope to dig out all those things I spent a lifetime gathering that I loved that I hid inside one room from evil in laws hell bent on torturing me for reasons eventually found not true.
Someday I want my private sanctuary with my paints, books, shiny metal objects, stars and moons, old tin toys and barbies, and a lot of quirky stuff I’ve had since childhood. Hmmmm.


I have a 2 room apt in a 4-plex. Every piece of furniture that could be used is stacked with stuff - work in progress that I never get around to. Outside on a small porch I have some little trees, a bamboo plant and a heather, which I’ve always wanted to grow. I have some books, some fossils my brother has brought to me. Computer, TV w/antenna, and radio+tape player and a DVD player. Low tech. I like to open my windows. Spring is coming - I can hear the birds planning.


hi pob, my poster has ‘the Hobbit’ bottom left in gold and it is from the first on which is an unexpected journey
i wanted one with the dragon in it and the hobbits fighting the dragon, i did have a blue one where they were fighting the spiders in mirkwood but it looked very cold so i changed it lol,

about the furniture, i think i am going to be a bit of a tree beard and say that things are moving slowly in that direction, i have cut the legs and sanded down one of them but my work bench is very flimzy and keeps moving about, in reality i would like a proper garage space with a nice heavy bench and vice (instead of using the kitchen) lol maybe when i get my new house it will have that :house_with_garden: lol

i want to use my new router tho, its just finding the time to do it, if i could i would make furniture for myself and anybody that want it.


i’m the same, things always gather on the table and everywhere its hard to keep it tidy, the dishes are always stacking up too but i keep it well managed and if i am slacking sweep will help, she also helps with other things but i help her a lot too (i hope) lol.


I live in a studio apartment. I have a nice set of a bed and chest of drawers, I have a rocking chair, and this computer chair. I have a few little tables with stuff on them, I have a dining table which I eat on and do homework, do bills, fill out paperwork and write letters. I have about 200 CDs in three cd holders.Years ago I realy got into buying Cds, now I buy one every couple months. On my wall are mainly pictures of my family and posters and pictures of the Beatles. Love the Beatles! I have a bookcase that goes up to the ceiling full of books, DVDS, and my box sets of music. I have some other stuff too. I don’t feel guilty about owning stuff. I’ve been below the poverty line most of my whole adult life. I’ve lived in nice places a lot though. Now I am pretty comfortable.


I live in a two story house with my parents and older sister (she’s likely to move out with her fiance soon). I have a big bedroom with leather chairs for my friends and a monitor for my xbox and wii. I have my drawings from my psychotic episodes on my walls and some “keep calm and carry on” and then “freak out and break stuff” posters next to eachother. I have a poster of a velociraptor evolving into a kiwi and it says “sometimes, evolution sucks”. I am shopping for posters online looking for one to fill a gap on my wall. I had a silhouette swinging bloody fists but i decided it was too scary.


I could probably learn some things from Treebeard.


I live in a crappy 2 br apartment with three dogs and three fishtanks and my lovebird. It is often a wreck and often clean…sort of. It’s small so there’s stuff everywhere but its not dirty. I have loads of bookshelves packed with books and VHS tapes yes I watch them in my VCR. :slight_smile: I also have a turntable with records! Quality of sound is unmatched. I have crystals, oil lamps, candles, sage for smudging, and Palo Santo insence which is basically dried chunks harvestded from a dead tree and smells glorious when burned it also has properties to relieve headaches and clean energy etc. I have a masticating juicer that gets less use than it should. I also have lots of vitamins herbs and tinctures. Bought a bunch of colors of paint and only got around to painting one wall blue. I did however go to town on my kitchen cupboards and did designs lol. One wall in my bedroom is covered with my artwork and I have numerous journals with writings.
Your place sounds so awesome I’m jealous! very cozy and seems peaceful :slight_smile:


It is !! It would be nice to have a group to belong too, do you have what seems to be a therapy group? I’d invite you all round and play host!



Gotta love those Ents, don’tcha.