Your favorite house you lived in and why it worked so well for you

I’ve lived in some really nice houses,

And some not so nice houses.

I think my favorite one is my current house.

All my childhood homes were just a little, off.

They were all super nice, but had one thing at least that was very odd.

One had an insane mural on the wall that we couldn’t figure out how to cover,

One had a basement that was painted red by previous owners (so when the light was on you could see red glowing from the basement),

One was haunted. (My parents finally actually admitted that’s why we moved so quick not too long ago.)

One had squirrels in the attic that would make laughing noises all night.

My last house in California was probably the nicest house I ever lived in,

But I was mostly taking care of my mother in law the whole time I was there,

So an odd mix of emotions while I lived in that house.

Here it seems we got a fresh start.

It’s not the nicest house, but it’s super cute.

Doesn’t feel haunted (big deal for me),

When/if we buy it, I’d make some changes, but not much.

It’s a great place.

Anyway, tell me about your favorite house you lived in and why you liked it.

Or least favorite.

Those can be fun too.


My favorite apartment was mine in Singapore. The complex had an outdoor pool (and gym) and because of the warm weather I could swim in it every day before work.

Great way to stay fit and healthy.


My family had a beautiful country house that was an old farmhouse in Upstate New York from the early 1800s I believe anyway it was a lot of fun and we would use it as a base to go skiing in Massachusetts

My parents are architects so they fixed it up quite nicely. Was a very cute little house with a big barn, nestled into a 7 acre woodland on an old street with a few other houses.


I was living in my first house from when I was born until age seven

It was a small one story house with two bedrooms and a basement

Then my parents wanted a four bedroom house

My dad went to the bank for a mortgage and the banker told him he currently had a four bedroom house for sale seven blocks down in the same neighborhood

We moved seven blocks down into the four bedroom house, and I still currently live here

Been in this neighborhood since I was born and I am in my 50s

Then my mom wanted a winter home, so my dad bought one in southern Florida

Since 2005 - 2017 we were living in Michigan for summer and Florida for winter

The Florida home has a heated pool and a BMX track 10 minutes away

The Michigan home used to have acres of off road trials and I loved riding BMX and Dirt Bikes there until it was bought and is now a neighborhood

I have been very fortunate and love the neighbors in both neighborhoods

But down south they have way more hospitality

The house in Michigan
is around my dads family and my sister so I will pick that as my favorite now because there is so much family around us

I used to feel a little haunted in our basement in Michigan

now I could live down there if I had to and have not felt haunted in a year

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Hmmmm, probs the place I lived in growing up.

Was by a baseball field where the high school practiced, and in the summers the pitch was lit up so bright that even at 10pm it still felt like dusk.

The place had a pool where all my friends and I would hang during the hot months, and my mom would order us pizza. We used to do a lot of night swimming back then— just the glow of the pool lights illuminating the dark water.

It was a chill place to be.


Probably my house in edmond during my first marriage…we picked out a modern house to buy, bad mistake…we already owned her home in Phoenix…should have never left…but we rented out her house and bought this modern home, so it’s mixed emotions…it was the peak of our marriage, but also the worst of times for us because we lost both houses in a bankruptcy. but that house ! on the outside, it had half gables opposed against each other with a roof between the two facing half gables, very cool…the inside living room had a sloped celing up to the second floor where there was another bedroom. downstairs, the ppl that had lived there painted one room blood red, that was the stereo room, the blue room , the computer room and other bedroom, our master bed was spacious and the kitchen and nook attached were painted light green. loved that house…nice memories and not so nice memories…

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I lived on this street 38 years I moved but didn’t move away from this street. My favourite house has to be the one where I was born.

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My childhood home
How I miss those days

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I mentioned that my favorite one i’m actually moving back into soon.

I lived there when I was 17. It was a 3br2bath, one of the bedrooms is the size as a 1br appartment and kinda is, it has a kitchen and bathroom. The yard is also massive, I love to water grass and couldn’t manage to water this one for days if I tried. also has a pond in it, stables in a seperate yard.

Back before I was sick I had owned a lot of cars, two at a time at one point (a firebird and a tricked out wolfsburg jetta) that I had parked there.

I would walk laps around it literally all day when I was younger. It also had it setup like beam structures that held up the patio(i think it’s called) that you could jump and use for pullups lol

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I had a house in Barharbor in Maine where I live, and I loved that house. I put an addition on it and that’s where my kids grew up. Sadly I lost it in the divorce :disappointed:

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I think I loved the house where I rented a room when I studied. My friend lived in the room across. We were always together with friends, playing boardgames, drinking wine, going to the beach ot make a campfire, joking, playing.

I also liked the house where Kid was born. It was private rent. And very new, only half a year old. I was so lucky. The people of before decorated everything…with nice floors and curtains and paint and all very light. A large and light living room. And Kid’s baby room was sweet. He was still with me. The city, the nature areas, my work, the childcare…everything was very near.

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The only place I ever felt at home was my x boyfriend in sa house and land of five acres.

It was/is perfect.

It has sculls all over the place because he loves sculls.
It’s dark and cozy with art material over the windows .

There’s a gorgeous fireplace and a renovated kitchen.

The nature and plants are all amazing and lovely.

I had a little $200 plastic simple shallow pool that I went skinny dipping in and had some of the best times of my life.

I miss this home soooooo much.

I lived there with x boyfriend and three perfect dogs as a happy family.
I was so happy in perfect home and family but left to become vegan.
I’m now vegetarian.
I didn’t like that he was cruel to animals sometimes such as using glue traps.

I begged him to take me back but he said no.

I asked if i could live with him if i became homeless and he said no but we are still friends as such.

He was protective and took care of me and gave me room to be myself in energy in pool etc

I appreciate that.

I’m not miss independent unfortunately.

He directed me to drive from Gold Coast to sa with walki talki.
It was very challenging for me and I was sobbing and so but best thing ever.

All other places I’ve lived have not felt right.

I lived on a ranch a while but couldn’t enjoy it because the man I lived with was a very bad man.

I miss sa.

I miss living out country .

I miss this home more than I can say.

I’m living in an apartment now and I appreciate having a bed to sleep in and so forth but it’s definitely not a home.

Doesn’t feel like a home.

I can’t afford realestate not renting or owning and even if i could I’m not independent enough to live by myself without help.

It’s not impossible I could meet a boyfriend and move in to nicer realestate.

This apartment I live in is worth more double than his house but to me his home is priceless and perfect and so much better than this apartment.

I am not independent enough to move to sa country again.
I can’t transport myself there and i can’t afford it and i can’t transport my things there.

Yeah it’s perfect home.

Much better than those cold sterile mansions.

This has all the coziness and is wow.

This home has my heart always even though I’m not physically there.

My favorite house is my current home. We built it and I got to pick out the way that it looks. It’s basically my dream home. What I mean by that is it’s my realistic dream home. Not the seven bedroom house in Malibu I wanted as a teenager, lol.

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It was a long, ranch style house with an equal length of basement good for parties, hamster cages, ping pong, and shuffle board. No stairs to climb except to the basement. Pine paneling gave it a cozy look.


House out in the country had a beatiful view of the lake in our town also grandparents were neighbors we didnt have heat though just a wood burning furnace so winters were cold


My favorite home is the two story townhouse I live in now. I have an art room, a sunny kitchen and a patio where I grow roses, bamboo, and cannas.

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Well, I spent most of my younger years living in apartments. But from 1st-3rd grade we rented a house in Arcadia, California which was a suburb of Los Angeles near Pasadena. It was a nice Spanish style house with a tile roof and an enclosed front patio. It was a 3 bedroom and my parents had the master bedroom, I had my own room and my two sisters shared a room. It was a nice life back then, I had friends and I joined the cub scouts and I went over my friends houses and played. We had a huge basement (at least it seemed huge back then) and I often went down there to play alone and rummage through the endless boxes of my parents possessions.

We had a huge pine tree out front and me and my sisters used to climb it all the time. I have many good memories of that period. I have many good memories of that time but I remember spending a lot of time alone at that house. I mean my mom was always home but I either spent every day playing with my toys alone in my room or rummaging through the basement. When I think back, it seems like I was very isolated from kids my own age.

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I thought this over again.

I think my favourite houses were favourite houses…not because of the house…but because of the people in it. My friend and my newborn kid. To be more precise. :slight_smile:

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