What's the hardest part of this illness for you?


For me the hardest part is paranoia or not telling reality from fiction


Yeah paranoia for me too. And the rabbit holes of thought my brain runs down when paranoid.


Not knowing what may happen tomorrow;
that makes this condition most difficult for me.


The non-motivation. Avolition in general.


The delusions. They creep up on me until I start obeying.


Yeah, I feel you


Paranoia and anxiety


It’s hard to pick just one, and they change day to day.

But if I had to pick one, I would say the delusions, it’s hard to live a normal life when you have to constantly reality check that what you think is going on is real.

A close second is the voices, they pick on me and destroy any form of self esteem


It’s the whole package - everything!


Knowing what I used to be able to do, what I can’t do now, and what I’ve lost.


The never ending paranoia…


I would have to say it’s a toss-up between the paranoia and the mixed episodes where i’m agitated and suicidal.


Fiction vs reality. Yup.


I have lost out on things in life because of this illness. I have not got married or had children that is hard for me and I’m currently living with my mum. This is hard for me. I feel I should be like the majority of my peers (married with kids and living independently with a job)


Not being able to compete with the rest of the universe on an equal footing. I didn’t really stand a chance till I got diagnosed and on the pills. That was late for me and a lot of wasted years!


Seeing how normal other peoples lives are, it is like I forget after being on my own. I get jealous just seeing people hold hands.


Hardest part for me is thought broadcasting. The feeling that I am being judged by every little thought that I have, since bad thoughts lead to people around me talking about negative stuff, apparently.


Not being able to work.


I agree with @Shmookitty.
… The never ending paranoia.


suicidal ideations