Whats the chance I have of working for the CIA after school?

They do a Single Scope Background Investigation. I heard they only hire Ivy League kids but I certainly want to try to get a job in the CIA. They pay good. What’s my chance of working there after college as a schizophrenic. I speak spanish and Russian.


Your chances are zero. Everyone in the CIA has to pass a psych evaluation, and you would be disqualified. You also can’t work in nuclear power.


You’re a bit obsessed with this man … The chances are zero, and that’s actually good you don’t need the stress


Buy a pair of binnoculars and start your own Spy Agency.

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If I’m medicated they shouldn’t be able to discriminate

They are legally allowed to discriminate based on the results of a psych evaluation for the same reason Hollywood casting agents can discriminate against someone for being a black man when they’re trying to cast an Asian woman.

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I guess your right.

I’ve heard that most spy work is dull. You probably wouldn’t like it.

What is it about working for the CIA that’s interesting to you? Maybe we can come up with some other job for you

Personally I’d try to do something less triggering! But something similar.

Try the state dept!

I almost made an inappropriate joke here. I’m glad I didn’t.

Why do I have this delusion?

I went to small liberal arts college, and there was a law school on campus. I understood that several of the poorest students form law school ended up in the FBI. Not to be outdone, guys with a Masters in Mathematics make candidates for the FBI as well.

I am Vietnam era. My doctor was a WW II vet. He wanted to support the war effort, and the best thing for the war effort was to get me out of the draft, he believed.



I’m not sure the English language has adequate words to describe how bad your odds are. The CIA deals with classified materials of such an important nature that even their janitorial staff who clean their toilets are vetted to a high level. ANY sort of instability would get your application circular filed.

If you are thinking you are agent material, here’s three questions for you:

  1. Do you function at an abnormally high level intellectually?
  2. Do you possess above average charisma and social skills?
  3. Do you have above average physical conditioning and stamina?

If you answered no to any of the above, you’re likely not on their shopping list. Not trying to be mean here, but I can tell you I couldn’t even make it into my own country’s army as a cook. I imagine the CIA has much higher standards.

Well, you’re posting at schizophrenia.com, so that should be your first clue.



0% bro 15151515

I have noticed that you are obsessed with this CIA thing, maybe they recruit mentally ill people for some purposes, but I doubt it. There is a large nongovernmental intelligence community, SCIP, in the USA and one of the founding members was a ex-CIA agent. I was a member of this community in the 1990s in America. The CIA has also some outreach programs you might be interested in, just contact them on the net and they may mail you some materials as they did to me in 1997.

I have a funny story about this SCIP from 1994. I was in one of their meetings in one hotel in Atlanta and then one ex-CIA agent talked about some counter-intelligence matters and mentioned especially how somebody with a foreign accent was making telephone calls to companies to find out what they were doing. Funny, at the time I marketed my service to these international companies on phone in Atlanta. I should have just said to this ex-CIA agent that it was me making these calls, funny.

You may also find a lot of intelligence materials in many libraries of some main universities. and so on and so on …

But if they, the CIA or any other intelligence agency is interested in you, they contact you … that is the way they operate.

I’m thankful I never joined the military. I have regard for spiritual principles that I think wouldn’t have prospered if I had

This story and that agency sound about as legit as cactustomato’s chances of getting into the CIA. Wouldn’t your secret spy organization frown on you revealing their secret to a bunch of total strangers from all around the world?

There is no secret what I wrote, all has been public knowledge already over 20 years, when the CIA recruiters contacted me in 1998 they called first and then mailed some forms, they wanted somebody to their clandestine services but I never returned these forms, but there is no secret here at all. Many CIA agents who leave the agency go to some international companies to utilize their skills in the commercial world. There is also, or at least was, a list of books they recommend people to read, you may still find this on their web site. SCIP is no agency but an association to which people can join by paying some money. Old stories …

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