My boyfriend says if i got a job at the cia I would be healed

My dad has a top secret government clearance and I have false memories that he got his job through prescription medicine in a mental health facility. Wouldn’t it be crazy if they put nanotechnology in medicines to train you to be an agent. I speak some spanish and my dad speaks 10 languages. My whole psychosis had to do with training for the cia. I thought I could read the facial expressions through FACS.

Sounds like a great plot for a science fiction movie or book.


Maybe haha I should write a book. The voices said its used so they leave no trace for the many spies that try to join the cia. Supposedly according to the voices you get to play with all the nanotechnology inventions our government created if your a weapons specialist in the cia.

They said suppposedly there are certain businesses that are secretly the cia like it looks like a business but actually a top secret government facility. I think it’s ironic that the healing medicine were all waiting on is called Iti-007 because it’s a spy movie

I once got it into my head that joining the Masons would be a great way to face delusions I had about them being a cadre of alien enablers head-on. Yeah, that didn’t work out so well. Also? The Masons turned out to be nothing like I expected (think the world’s most boring Presbyterian church service full of doddering old people* and you start to get the idea).


*No offense to seniors here, was trying to emphasize the appropriateness of the stereotype and its applicability.


My delusions say the free masons and illumanati are red herring for the cia

Can’t speak for the Illuminati, but the Loyal Order of Water Buffalo humour in The Flintstones is surprisingly accurate vis-a-vis The Masons. You can stop worrying about them. Honest.



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I think I was apart of a pre clear to join the cia. In my delusions I was afraid of the Freemasons but my delusions say that all the conspiracy theories that world leaders are in the free masons are red herrings they are really cia agents including Vladimir Putin part of the new world order which just means spreading peace on earth even if it’s through controlling the governments of others via cia agents

It sounds as if your delusions are pretty bad.

Maybe it’s time for a Med adjustment or change?

Good luck @cactustomato


I’m in the same vote. I feel the same way at times about my problems like getting a secretive government job would cure it…lol But I don’t dig that far into my mental health issues since I understand it completely now.

have a good one!

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What else left is there to be paranoid about after the Cia?!

Most definitely after you get a job like that your going to be using all the technology you got to look at every aspect of everything and then you’ll really be paranoid!

I dont have to worry about the cia in australia

i’m better now, no positive symptoms and a remission of negative symptoms—but i still got the old jitters and paranoia about the c*a lol. It’s difficult to navigate around my sense of their power and authority over me when it’s very real, in one way or another (not at the level of being singled out for mind control and psychic torture that I was convinced I was a recipient of, like i felt when i was actively psychotic, though, but still surveillance exists; i think edward snowden let that cat out of the bag…).

Sadly, they have strict medical and psychological screening that would rule out hiring, like, well schizophrenics in general, like they may make an exception for certain disabilities, but that’s not a given. this isn’t based on homeland the tv series, i went to university and talked to someone who was familiar with the requirements (don’t think he was c*a, though he did speak many languages and was in a high-interest academic field). If you ask me, that’s flat out discrimination but what can i do, i’m just a schizophrenic. I kind of wish this wasn’t the case, as the “paranoid” in paranoid schizophrenia you’d think would be an advantage in a world with actual conspiracies and duplicity and stuff…
I always thought my paranoia and ability to think in terms of plots and conspiracies would make me well versed in the paranoid underworld of spies, lol, but i guess i’ll never find out if that’s true. plus, i can just imagine myself going overboard with a copper-wire cage like gene hackman in enemy of the state lol
I would say, more than the cia, I am more paranoid about a shady alliance between international spy and assassin agencies in the best interest of the 1% and their corporations, but that’s just my paranoid mind speaking (I’m okay, i just still have the ability to hear my old paranoia despite being cognizant that I get delusional and that it’s likely not real).
i too was obsessed with the cia. i can’t get enough of spy movies now that i’m better, lol. i still watch a ton of spy movies that are kind of triggering to my anxiety and paranoia, to be honest, but they scratch an itch i guess.
just so we’re clear, i have nothing against the cia (knocks on wood)!!! I come in peace!! :v:

It is true that the CIA tries to recruit international people inside the USA. I almost got recruited in 1998. Basically they approached me through a 3rd party consultancy in Miami Beach and this company passed my information to the CIA and their recruiters contacted me later and then mailed forms that should have been filled out and then mailed to one address in McLean in Virginia. I never mailed these forms. I believe the CIA recruits international people who can speak different languages and who have some special skills or gifts.

It is funny that during the divorce hearing the judge asked me in 2000 if I was involved in some intelligence activity and I responded no. Why did he even ask that when it should have been a simple divorce hearing? Well, now 16 years have passed and the life goes on.

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Maybe your wife mentioned it in her papers.

The NSA. Who do you think is hoovering up your emails?


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