Anyone think they are a CIA recruit?

This has been my paranoia that the cia is controlling my behavior.

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I don’t mean to offend, but you sound very delusional. Please tell this to your psychiatrist to maybe tweak your meds? maybe a higher dosage? I’m assuming you are taking AP meds.

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He don’t sound delusional to me. Just sounds like he is reflecting on past delusions

I would bet good money that you are wrong. But at least you have the awareness to know it’s pure paranoia.

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Nope, FBI but that was a long time ago. I’m retired now, along with that delusion.

BTW, I hear the X-files are coming back, I had a male female team of voices I thought were surveilling me that could have passed for Mulder and Scully, before that show was even on the air.

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It was not my delusion but it really happened that the CIA tried to recruit me in 1998 in America. The FBI had taken photos of me as early as in 1994 in some public park in Atlanta. In later years many people have told me that I am either a CIA agent or a KGB henchman. Nobody has ever thought me being a Mossad agent. I do not know what I am any longer. When I lived in my auto in America some people called me as ‘Moshe’.

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In my society there have been some books written about psychiatric cases in which a person may have spent some time in England and after returning back these people have thought that they are CIA agents which has lead to the long term hospitalization of of these person.

A double agent! Now you have blown your cover. :smile:

Really? That would be cool. I thought Fringe kind of took over where X Files left off…even in the 2nd season the govt panel says they wasted lots of money on the X designation in the FBI and now Fringe division…

X files DID predict the shuttle Columbia crash 10 years before it happened in their 1993 episode 'Space."

As far as agents, agents get paid by the federal gov…Assets and experimental volunteers normally do not, at least not directly.

I am an MIB because I have dealt with aliens… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They’re not…
Take care


what about deleting this post

I’d talk to szadmin bout that.

Why long term? What about our society?

Is the song about cocaine, or the other word that begins with C? doesn’t matter since the one C is believed to have smuggled the other C, especially in the 80s when this song came out…oh well, nothing else matters, but that’s another song… :stuck_out_tongue:

They’ll tell you the different types of sz are paranoid, disorganized, catatonic whatever but we all know the real different types of sz are government, sci-fi, religious/spiritual wahaha.

My delusions are all religious/spiritual. Thank god I don’t have to deal with anything else. Just remember that the psychotic mind will warp its surroundings to find evidence that matches its beliefs. You remember that and you won’t fall for stuff so easy…


Oh dear, I have full blown SZ then !!!

Geez, a bird just ran into my window twice…thump thump…2 beeps was the mind control AI’s ‘yes’ response and one beep was ‘no.’ Great, now they control the birds too…have to do something about that, LOL…
or maybe it was one of those small CIA drones like birds and insects…

anyways, they must agree…

I told them before they cannot get away with playing God…

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Yeah my sz deals with human telepathy. I’ve envisioned what how pure a telepathic human could be. My hallucinations make it seem like everyone is that way already. I dont hear whats unspoken, but I push myself inch by inch towards the ideal everyday. It is my quest.

The trick is forgetting everything and just observing. There is more going on in the mind behind the words in its thoughts.

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Oh how cute, now a high flying fighter or reconnaissance aircraft flies over, directly through the sun, to the west south west… very fast…I can tell some planes by sound and that was no airliner, though I cannot identify the exact model of aircraft…

Maybe this means I have to go on some website and listen to sounds of various aircraft to identify this particular one because maybe someone flew a Russian aircraft over so I could ID that…it was actually unfamiliar now I think of it, but it was a fast mil aircraft, and not large.

Wow here comes another…it was an airliner. Not the first one though.

They are probably looking at my posts to decipher every 7th and 11th letter then adding to 1111 and dividing by 13 to get some code except the real code stops at 666 and adds 777, then they form words where my subconscious mind has given them the quantum theories on how to defeat the advanced alien weapons targeting earth and to time travel as well as interdimensional travel.

The best thing to do is have fun with it.

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Hahaha yeah you’re a goner sorry

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