Have you ever thought about applying for the cia?

I think they pay good but it’s kinda a trigger for me now that I’m going to try to get off disability I wonder if they’ll hire me

I put in an application and got hired but they searched my background and found out that I voted for Joseph Stalin in the last election and so they let me go.

Their main office is around the corner from my house. It’s too bad I didn’t stay on, I could have saved a fortune on gas money by walking to work.

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I hear John Nash worked for them

What do I need to apply for? I thought I already worked for them.

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why and what 4…???

Before I got meds my top ability was noticing patterns in everything. I could see in people’s book shelves what type of person they were depending on what books they had in the shelf.

I could do puzzles extremely fast. And number/word puzzles, cross words etc.

I was thinking about making good use of it. But my brain crashed.

My son was recruited by the CIA out of high school, but he wasn’t ready for the educational commitment, and he said his conscience wouldn’t permit it. I was proud of both the recruiting op, and his decision not to…my son has sz like I do, and I honestly think it would have made things worse for him. Lots of triggers.

Sure. We can recreate the movie “A Beautiful Mind”

No but the voices used to ask if I was esp when I tried “Remote viewing” :wink:

Yes, I went onto the website I thought it would be fun but I was stable enough to do so, I wouldn’t if your not