?))) - What Would You Lyke Your Tombstone To Say - (((?

and I Don’t Mean As In ANY Type Of Hurting Oneself … ,

OR Anyone Else … ,

But More So ,

As In Trying To Overcome Tha Fear Of Death & ALSO As A Way To Search Within and Have A Better Understanding Of Your Lyfestyle …

Perhaps … ,

OK ,

So Here’s What e(Y)e Want My Tombstone To Say … ,

(((It Doesn’t Make Any Sense , & , It Could Have Been Worse)))

Soz If Tha Whole Subject Hurts Your Feelings Tis Naught Supposed To … ,

So ,

Whatcha Got (!!?)

I have suffered

I want one of these

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Guys , Thus and Thus Is Intense ,

Both In Their Own Way … ,

Really Cool … ,

Keep Em Coming Guys and Gals (!!!)


Never Born - Never Died

But visited the Earth 1983 - 2017

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Why an end date? We don’t know that yet

Well Im sure to not go beyond

That I’m not dead, but alive in a parallel universe due to quantum immortality.


honestly I prefer an end date much earlier. like this year :frowning:

dont want to live long.

seen enough

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Have You Evah Red Thus 1 astefano (???) ,


Please hang on as@sarad said death is boring

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No I haven’t.


really ?..I always thought DEATH was so exciting :frowning: :frowning:

End of it all ------------------------------------------------------ SUFFERING


Ch - Ch- Ch - Check It Out Yo Yo (!!!)

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Have you heard of Amit goswami?

Will read that.

Nevah Erd 0V Em …

What’s He Got (???)

& Winnie Minnii (soz) ,

It’s A Good One Fo Reel (!!!)

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Isn’t he the one that gave a scientific explanation for reincarnation?

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo (!!!) ,

Reincarnation Isn’t Real … ,

But Re-in-card-NATION IS REEL (!!!)

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and on DEATH