What type of schizophrenia do you have?

What type of schizophrenia do you have?

I have paranoid schizophrenia.

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I have PSZ too.

chronic undifferentiated

paranoid schizophrenia

No one knows what i have.

i have sz(mostly negative)…symptoms…

Paranoid schizophrenia. Since 1980.

I’m schizoaffective.

Schizoaffective but I was told I was paranoid schizophrenic once…so I’m thinking the psychotic aspect of my schizo-affective is paranoid schizophrenia. But the mood aspect is bi-polar.

I have been diagnosed as schizoaffective and I got my disability because of that diagnosis. Six months ago, when I went to a different mental health clinic; they diagnosed me as bipolar undifferentiated. However, my therapist is waiting to receive the records from my mental health clinic; because, he has some serious questions. I think I have both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder; but, I guess because they seem to want things in a neat box; they will again diagnose me as schizoaffective. But, I know the truth about me; even if they don’t!

I was originally diagnosed with undifferentiated Sz at 17.

But the doc has been itching to change my label to schizoaffective…

Right now we are agreeing to Undifferentiated Sz with a “Mood element”

I am diagnosed with bipolar disorder but also have significant schizophrenic symptoms

I’m just psychosis NOS which my doc explained as, “You have schizophrenia, but I can’t legally call it schizophrenia because you had a brain tumor.”


diagnosed Paranoid sz since 2002

diagnosed Paranoid sz since…can’t remember

Just wanted to remind everyone - that the actual diagnosis doesn’t really matter. In fact the most recent standard diagnosis book for psychiatrists no longer has the sub-classifications of schizophrenia even. Paranoid schizophrenia, etc. are no longer diagnosed because they don’t hold up and are not relevant in treatment.

So - just focus on your symptoms and how well you’re enjoying life and keep working on getting better. Don’t worry about diagnosis details.


that’s…just like your opinion man… I’m a mental sickness hipster…the label matters to me more than my wellbeing.

Why do the labels matter to you?

I’m just sharing with you what many of the schizophrenia clinicians / researchers tell me. They focus on how well the person is doing, and the symptoms they are having

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Chops and changes to SZ to SZA (schizophrenia) to (schizoaffective) and back again often. Both NOS (not otherwise specified).

Last call it was SZA.

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