What to do?

If Strattera makes my positive symptoms worse and if Rexulti gives me the same problems as Abilify?

I am tired of staying in bed most of my time. I cant rely on ppl picking me up from home only when I feel a bit better. I need to go out and drive again. Work if possible. I need to go to the gym again. This Risperdal changed my blood tests, now I have low testosterone and high prolactine, double the max value.


I also have high cholesterol, high triglycerides and high blood pressure. Never had these problems when my negative symptoms were better on Abilify. I was 100lb less and was going to the gym 4-5x a week.

Maybe if the rexulti makes your sex drive really high there is something that can lower it. Some people say geodon makes their sex drive low maybe you could combine rexulti and geodon. I’m not sure about the spending maybe have your parents keep your money until vraylar comes out. Or maybe invega and rexulti I think sex drive gets lower with invega.

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My Dr said the only way of getting rid of these impulses is to change the ap. Invega is similar to Risperdal also causes low testosterone, high prolactin etc I need a partial dopamine agonist like Vraylar and I think Caplyta.

How high is your prolactin is rexulti also able to lower it a bit like abilify? Maybe clozapine would help your negatives a bit but I think I saw you don’t want blood tests. I’m scared of clozapine don’t want to try that one yet. I think in the lancet study clozapine was rated pretty good for negatives. Maybe if clozapine helps the negatives a little you wouldn’t mind going to the blood tests as much.

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I reduce the dose of meds on my own. My pd prescribed me Amulspride 100 mg and Dayo 500 mg daily night, but I cut the tablet half and take 50 and 250 mg respectively. I decide my dose on quality and duration of my sleep. If it’s less than i increase the dose or vice versa. There is no option at all.

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I did that in the past and I ended up having positive symptoms. I even start to get a bit of symptoms right before taking my meds so I am really on the minimum dose I need for my sz. 6mg Risperdal.

Don’t you count the duration of sleeping.

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You want to be on enough meds that your controlled and if you gotta live with a bit of symptoms you have to be willing to try and cope with it

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Yea I guess I have no other choice.

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I dont have a sleeping problem, I sleep about 9hrs every night.

I’m in the same boat. I really just try to be content and enjoy what I have and take my meds. I actually need more meds, but idk. I’m super sensitive to medication so most doctors say I’m a problem – but not all. I am on Vraylar 6 mg and 120 mg cymbalta. Latuda might help if I add like 20 mg to my Vraylar. I was doing good on 9 mg of Vraylar but new doctor said no. I still have a thought disorder which the hospital told me I had and that I have a disability for life called schizo-affective disorder/schizophrenia. The delusions don’t go away but they probably would diminish or would decrease if I quit the monster energy drinks because I think they increase dopamine but don’t know.

I don’t want to work and I’m not prepared to be alone or work in the future so I may have nothing in the future. My parents tried preparing me for life so I could have a future when they get old or pass some day, but either I resisted them or am too weak/sick.

I enjoy money, but have problems with networking or making friends and keeping friends due to schizophrenia and autism (Asperger’s disorder).

I don’t have anhedonia anymore but I got severe motivational deficits, paranoia, delusions, anxiety, and depression.

My biggest problem is the IQ loss which feels like a burden and permanent but I feel like it could be healed or improved some day if I get better. I used to enjoy stuff like advanced caluclus and economics. Not anymore.

Video games are okay, but feel pointless sometimes.

I enjoy reading.

I’m overweight, but don’t enjoy exercising unless it’s at a gym. Since I’m a hermit, I don’t brush my teeth or shower as much. I hate that.

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I cant really read books since I got sz but can play video games sometimes. TV and movies, lots of them trigger me so I avoid, except for Simpsons and Family Guy. I feel like I can only tolerate cartoons and child movies lol i watched Sonic the movie on Prime, I liked it.

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The IQ loss is a big problem for me. It’s not just problem solving, but spatial/environmental awareness, organizational skills, memory (all of them). Like I can focus, but I seem to got add-inattentive type, but dopamine is bad for us. I tried asking for adderall several times but they said it does the opposite of the meds, which block dopamine, and is the cause of my problems.

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Like I got anger and can get aggressive only off meds, and sleep too much. Lately, I’ve been sleeping too much because I’ve been used to higher doses of meds.

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Same for me. 15

I get irritable on low dose meds but not now on 6mg Risperdal.

I used to have a good memory, but now my long term memory is blurry or just not there. Short term is okay maybe average or above average, but I had some weird experiences, where I got obsessed with memorizing things and stuff and noticed 2-10x increased retention, but it’s gone.

I used to remember where everything was like a photographic memory and could memorize things and retain and learn things, but lacked hand eye coordination for blue collar jobs and mechanical skills like being a mechanic or engineer. I was good at sports though.

I was also excellent at school when I studied and tried.

Now, I have delusions about my delusions that the energy drinks are making me remember my dreams or are making me remember my past lives more because I remember them like I was there and have autobiopgrahical memory of them and visual-photo realistic memory of them, but they’re not real in this world or to other people.

Like before 2011, I was a normal college student. Then the schizophrenia happened and I cannot remember things anymore. Now, since that year, I have slowly improved but was really dissociated for years which has lifted.

I have theories that no-one cares about because it comes off as schizophrenia babble lol…

But it feels like time resets just for me back to 2011 just for me and I am just a random schizophrenic with that memory. Repeating the present for eternity. I’m glad no one cares but it’s also sad and pathethic too.

I guess a lot of schizophrenics think they discovered the rules or meaning of the universe, which I feel I have.

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Well someone on the forum tried both Rexulti and Abilify and both caused impulsivity. I think I wont risk it trying Rexulti. I will just try Strattera if Dr accepts to prescribe it.

Have you tried geodon? I found my energy levels were pretty good on it.

Good luck.

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