Just Started Rexulti

I started Rexulti on Saturday the 24th I’m on .5 mg dosage at the moment. I’ve been on Clozapine sine 1999 thats 18 years. I hate the side effects of Clozapine so I told my doctor that I was open to new Meds. She listed 4 new ones and the first on the list is Rexulti. I’ve been on Abilify before in the past and it didnt work for me at all… But my Doc and I are hoping that the Rexulti will bring better results. I’m reading that people can get up to 4mg of Rexulti I started on .5mg so It looks like it will take some time to get to a stable dosage. Anyone have experience with Rexulti? Has it worked for you? and any side effects to report? The biggest problem I have with Clozapine is all the sleep I get from it… I sleep 12 - 14 hours a night plus a 2 hour nap during the day… It robs me of so much time and I want off it.

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I’m on 2mg of rexulti. Have been on it for almost a year. It works well for me, with minimal side effects. I like it a lot compared to risperdal or seroquel.

Is there an honestly true difference between Abilify and Rexulti? I thought they were pretty much the same drug?