What makes you feel valuable, worthy

I used to think I need acceptance from a special someone but it seems that is not a reliable way to feel worthy.

I’m thinking maybe religion.


Is it not possible to just accept oneself without acceptance from anyone or any religious thing?

How can we learn to find oneself worthy and valuable. Independently of others.

Is it just self care and doing what you like or is there more to it.

There’s’ 5 ways to wellbeing ’ I learnt from recovery college :
Take notice
Be active

Maybe that ought to do it


For what occasion you want to feel valuable,worthy ?

Ermmm what???

I just want to feel like I’m a worthy being not worthless life is not enjoyable to me when I feel worthless.


I think emotional neglect during upbringing is a fucccking nightmare

It makes it harder to feel valued. Just for being a human being.


Cos the thing is when I feel worthy maybe that’s when we feel confident would you agree or?

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By the way it is
Its called ABCD.

I don’t really have a need to feel worthy.
I just live life and that’s it.
Everything I achieve is just a bonus, I used to think that I would die early but now I am on the right track.

@AKu are you from India?

Yea maybe I don’t need to feel valuable. You make a good point. Just want to feel healthy enough and I’m good

The knowledge that God absolutely adores me.


I think feelings of value come from the inside. I feel useless some days but I don’t think I feel less valuable to the world. I can be there for my mom and dad when they are home with me. Or go visit my cousin. Or talk to people online. There are lots of ways to feel valued


When loved ones (like my husband or sister) say they love me and I’m special, or they give me a hug.

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Helping others can make you feel valuable and worthy.


My life was a pure and total hell three years ago. I feel worthy having clawed my way out of that hell with time and treatment. I feel I have a very strong mind.

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I feel worthy when I know I’ve made someone else’s life at least a bit better. It doesn’t hurt to be told nice things by other people either. xD


I feel pretty worthless overall.

Helping people let’s me be useful for a little while.

But I always feel like it’s never enough


Yes, @Chess24, I am from India.

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Helping people, being honest, prayer, being nice to people. You’re right though–lately I am trying to feel happy just being myself and not worried about trying to help everyone. You can only really help yourself be free in the end so I pray and listen to my inner guidance. I consider it the higher power within. I took that from rehab, my higher power–and the serenity prayer.

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You are worthy being happy. That makes you valuable to others. Love is contagious as well.

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Making music, enjoying film/art/philosophy.
Being around people I admire and genuinely like.

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