Self worth

Do you guys feel like your worth anything? If so what makes a person worthwhile in your opinion? I’m sitting here dealing with anger and difficult feelings and I realized after listening to one of my songs that my worth is based on the things I can do. I don’t feel like I have any inherent worth or dignity as a human. This was not the case before the persecution stuff.

Is it wise to base your sense of worth on accomplishments or even the fact that you were born a human? I’m honestly not asking these questions rhetorically but how do you guys view self worth and for that matter the worth of other human beings and the species itself?

I guess I’ve gone through a lot of changes and I’m learning a lot about myself and just curious what you guys think.

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I have accomplishments I can point to. That’s what works for me, but not everyone is me.

I mean is it stable/robust enough? Like for me when I don’t feel like my work is really that good my self worth goes with it.

Edit: maybe it’s more about the illness and distorted emotions than where my self worth comes from…like I said I didn’t use to have these issues

Yeah. I’ve got no shortage of things to feel good about these days.

That’s awesome man!!! I feel like that on certain days lol

Well said @SacredNeigh7

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Sometimes I feel self worth. Sometimes I do not. When I do not I am stagnate. If you feel less worth even walking and reading would be a boost.

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Right now it is about money. I am amazed at how expensive life is. I am amazed at those that have money to do anything they want. I am amazed at the care I have gotten from humanity in regards to my mental illness. I love those who are the best in the world at what they do. I admire people who want to spend hours at things to make money or be the best. I like those that are the sources and first people to achieve something. I think what makes people worthwhile to me is reasoning. I love endless reasoning and people that can challenge my reasoning. What makes humanity so different is our reasoning and ability to reason about things.

i feel like i have worth and i dont do anything :person_shrugging:

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Yea … I think it was a bad question. Feelings of self worth comes from different things for different people. Maybe it’s just my illness and emotions making everything feel unstable

Self-worth is the internal sense of being good enough and worthy of love and belonging from others .

I don’t feel worthy of belonging anywhere except in my bedroom and in therapy. I see this forum and such like therapy too.

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I like that idea :smile:

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Thankyou @ThePoet yes it helps me 4 sure. :slight_smile:

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I think most human beings have value simply for being human.

Even most people locked up in prison deserve love.

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this is a thread i like akendrik. this is thought provoking for me.

i am trying to move to step two. in other words i value accomplishments but i don’t have as many as i would like to so step two is to re-learn to work more.


Yea… Im kinda feeling like it comes from different things for different people. How we see the world and others determine their value …how we see ourselves determines our value.

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Honestly it’s harder said than done, but the value of things you create shouldn’t be your value as a person. Are you a musician first, then a human beeing second? It sounds strange if we put it this way. It leads to tie your self acceptance to competition with others, even if it isn’t direct competition.

The personal value system is better linked, imo to what you think and how you act, as well for the respect to all types of life. It may be a good exercise to put yourself into 3rd person, and ask yourself if you like what you see:
-an accomplished musician who thinks he’s better than the rest
-an accomplished musician who acts like an ■■■■■■■ towards others
-a person who only sees achievements and doesn’t respect, or treats like subhuman, people that don’t meet his criteria.

I see what your saying for sure. I have a hard time with linking my value as a person to my thoughts tho …because I’m not always in control of that with having OCD.

And what your saying about competition is something I’ve been struggling with for a few years. I feel like I have to solve the mental illness side of it…or at least understand it …before I can really make any headway with some of my other issues.

When. I asked the question on this post I wasn’t realizing how much the belief about being abused played a roll in how I value myself or see others. I think getting a handle on the mental/emotional part of it is the gate keeper man. In order to do that tho… I have to be able to tell if it’s all I. My mind. Hope the meds can help bro

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By conventional measures, such as employment and educational achievement, I’m worth next to nothing. On the other hand I have a daughter and granddaughters etc who love me for who I am, regardless of my societal imperfections.


I can’t be a human being without being a photographer.


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