What is the greatest number of psych meds you've been on at once?

For a few months in 2003, shortly after my first psychotic break, I was on 7 psych meds. There was Wellbutrin, Effexor, Depakote, Zyprexa, Klonopin, and I forget the other two. I just remember thinking it was crazy that I was taking 7 meds, a total of 20 pills/day. That was also around the time when my alcohol problems started. I’m down to just two oral meds and an injectable now, thank God. Now that I work at a pharmacy I’ve seen patients who take around 20 meds, but that’s for physical ailments. Still way too many meds, though, regardless of what the drs are treating.


7 is crazy. I was on zyprexa, Wellbutrin, lamictal, lithium, klonopin and cinthroid at one point. Back when I was misdiagnosed as hypothyroid. Although cinthroid isn’t a psych med. taking 6 different pills a day was annoying. My addict mind said “DRUGS” so I went along with it. But stopped my zyprexa and soon after had my worst psychotic break despite still taking the other 5. I wasn’t drinking at that point but you might as well add weed as another med cuz I was on a high daily dose of thc. I was so crazy back then.

Yeah, I was smoking a ton of weed back then, too. Crappy ghetto street weed that I was buying off of shady ghetto mofos, which I now see as incredibly dangerous.

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Ummm 4. An AD, an AP, Ativan and trazodone

Welcome back @chew I missed you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now I’m taking 5 psych meds every day plus another one prn.

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Even the good weed has tons of chemicals in it if it’s illegal. That’s how they get it to be so good. I live in Washington and the fact it’s legal and organic, non laced weed makes me get no paranoia whatsoever. I rarely smoke as it’s not all that enjoyable anymore, but when I do it’s not a big deal. Kid on the bus was holding a blunt out in the open yesterday. No one cares In my very liberal city lol. I would go to dealers and buy a quarter ounce for $80-90 because I hated having to pick up. Now I just buy a joint every couple weeks for $6 and am on my merry way. Legal weed is the smartest greatest invention in the 21st century IMO. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Well here’s my current list:

Abilify, 1x a day
Metformin 3x a day
A bcomplex to keep abilify hunger pangs away
L-theanine to keep abilify anxiety away 2x a day

I tapered off of Clonazepam.

I tried going without the bcomplex, but turned into the hunger monster.

I tried going without l-theanine, but that was hellish.

Most of what I smoke now, which I only do once every week or two, comes from medical dispensaries, so it’s legal weed certified for purity.

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What does l-theanine do for you? I had never heard of it until I joined this forum. The only supplements I take are a multivitamin and niacin, and I only take niacin because I heard it helps with metabolism. I’m usually pretty skeptical about supplements beyond multivitamins.

Including my non-psych meds it’s CRAY.

Lithium 300mg 3 times a day
Neurontin 300mg 3 times a day
Invega 6mg every night
Xanax 0.5mg 3 times a day
Abilify 2mg every morning
Toprol XR 50mg every morning
Dexilant 60mg every morning
Welchol 3.75g every evening
Vistaril 25mg 3 times a day
Levbid .375mg twice a day
Pepcid 20mg twice a day
Celebrex 100 mg every morning
Clarinex 5mg every morning
Flonase twice a day
Soma 350mg three times a day


L-theanine is a bit like Cloneazapam to be honest. But it seems to help my thinking a bit, whereas clonaezpam didn’t.

I found l-theanine to be addictive though, in the sense that I had withdrawal from it when I tried to give it up. So I’m not so quick to recommend it to others now.

We have a winner ding ding


Damn, that IS a lot! The Flonase isn’t really significant, and I’m not familiar with Levbid (though I might know it if you told me the generic name), but damn.

@Sooner88 how’s your anxiety taking Xanax, gabapentin and vistoril???

The generic is Hyoscyamine, it’s one of the HALLUCINOGENIC DRUGS found in deadly nightshade or belladonna lol

Geez, I’m not going to moan about my list anymore! There’s no way I could remember to take all those. You’re a champion! :trophy:

Ah, ok. Yeah, I usually don’t have anxiety issues ever since my depression lifted. I got to where Klonopin did nothing for me; I was prescribed thirty 0.5 mg pills/month, and I would take them in large quantities a few times per month, when I really needed it. I mean taking 3.5 g or so at a time, and that just barely took some of the edge off. Same with Ativan, back when I had gotten used to that. No dr has ever been willing to prescribe me Valium or Xanax.

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Oh ok, I know hyoscyamine; we have maybe a couple patients at the pharmacy who take that one. I had no idea it was hallucinogenic.

Sometimes I forget my Invega. Probably why I freak out so much.

At high doses it is. Basically only if abused. But if you noticed the dosage is super super small so I mean… Are you a pharmacy tech? I was one too before I got sick the last time.