How many meds do you take?

i take 2.

an anti psychotic and another drug that doesn’t have to do with my mental health.

I have 6. Two antipsychotics. One because of Hashimoto’s, one for sleeping, one Dvitamine and infusions once/month because of RA.

I have two for SZ. Latuda, Seroquel

Xanax for panic.

yeah i think if i wanted too i could be an antidepressant and anti anxiety drug too. But i’m afraid to mess with my meds and i manage how things are now so i declined to be.

three. Geodon (antipsychotic) Propanolol (beta-blocker, a blood pressure and tremors medication, also prevent panic attacks) and Xanax (anti-anxiety and muscle relaxer).

The beta-blocker and xanax serve to reduce blood pressure, relieve anxiety, and also help the restless legs side effect of Geodon.

They work together really damn well. I’m lucky to have a brain that responds so well to medication. A whole lot of people with schizophrenia are resistant to medication.

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I take 3 psych meds, 1 for sleep, 2 for RA, and 4 supplements. Because my supplements work so well, I’ve been able to cut out anti-anxiety and antidepressant meds, and reduce my primary antipsychotic. I’m hoping to be able to reduce my other psych meds too.



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I take two, one risperdal and the second one is proponolol for reducing hart rate,

I pop about 18 pills everyday, but this includes meds for my physical issues as well - I take 2 mood stabilizers - antipsychotic - benzo- high blood pressure pills - diabetes med -vitamin - prescription fish oil

26mg of Abilify in the form of four pills, Gabapentin for headaches and an allergy pill. All of them make me drowsy.

Down to 12 pills a day, to help with both mental and physical issues.

I take 10 pills per day. Anti psychotic…mood stabalizer…blood pressure…diabetes. …cholesterol…sleeping and vitamins

Just a depot every 2 weeks and every now and then migraleve.

I take prozac once a day for depression, Fanapt for psychosis twice a day (which no longer works for me), Benztropine twice a day as needed to reduce side effects of fanapt, melatonin 10 mg every night for sleep and 150 mg trazodone every night for sleep.

Damn I just realized, I took my meds early this morning before I left to visit the clinic fire scene and then, when I replied to this post, I opened another pack of them to count them and instinctively took them.


Two psychiatric abilify and doxepin. Requip for TD. and Prilosec daily of course. desimb

Only one, and it’s not SZ related. Up until 2012 I ran out of my antipsychotics and now with no insurance there is no pdoc in sight.

I take Geodon for psychosis, Klonopin for anti-anxiety, Trazodone and Benadryl for sleep, and Advair for asthma. So that’s five.

I take daily 19 med pills (6935 pills a year). I have many illnesses and soon I have an appointment with a chief neurologist and I may get more meds, maybe, I take daily 9 antipsychotic meds (Seroquel 6 and Zyprexa 3), so I am quite heavily medicated.

I take two.

  1. Abilify 5mg.
  2. Vitamin D 40.000 once a week every week for 8 weeks.
  3. Vitamin D 2,000 daily.

I take abilify 5mg and mirtazapine 15mg daily at 11pm,it works for me