Seems like a lot of medication

It occurred to me that I am currently on six meds, seems like a lot.

Abilify Maintena (injections), Haldol, Cogentin, Paxil, Wellbutrin XL, and Lamictal. Damn.

It’s what I need to keep me sane and balanced, though.


Could be the reason why you are so high functioning.


Yeah, I’m still a pretty weird guy IRL, but I don’t think any meds can fully take away my weirdness lol.

I’ve been on psych meds the past 18 years, so many different med combinations have been tried on me.

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I’m only on abilify 15mg (and metformin for high blood sugar caused by abilify). I was offered something for anxiety but checked out the side effects and decided against it.

My psychiatrist won’t give me anything decent for anxiety, not even Klonopin or Ativan. All I can get from her is either Buspar or Vistaril. What a joke, both of those meds are useless to me.

I think it’s because I’ve been honest with her about alcohol and cannabis use, though I haven’t had a drink in two years.

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If it’s working for you, it’s worth it.

I had a bad pdoc who had me on highest doses of seven different meds and i was still a hot mess. I’m on four now. Six wouldn’t bother me if it worked well. Why worry about how many? Just be grateful that you do so well.

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