How Many Medications Have You Been on at Once

I’ve been on 9. Granted only 6 were for mental health. My mother told off my psychiatrist at the time for so many drugs and they lessened what I was on for mental health to 3 and I stopped a beta-blocker. Still had two for asthma.

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I’m on 23 medications, but they’re not all psych meds

I’m glad to say I’m on one atm… But u never know if that may change.

Nearly had to go on anti fungal but they mentioned liver tests and something about effects on your mood and I was like NO Thankyou!

Ps I like your question :blush:

Crikey! That’s a lot.

The most I’ve been on were 7.

That’s 5 psych meds and a migraine med and some tramadol for my dodgy knees.

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Yeah. My primary dr has tried to get me off some stuff but I always end up needing it. My urologist has me on a lot too, and then there’s my pulmonologist and gastroenterologist … you get the picture. Ugh!

I haven’t been on more than five.

Poor you. If you need them and they improve your quality of life then I guess there’s nothing you can do.

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Yeah. So I do take them, but I find the whole matter frustrating

I can see why you would. I find taking 7 to be more than enough meds and get embarrassed when I phone up to get my repeat prescriptions as I’m only 42 and I need 7 medications.

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The most ?


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Two here 152515

only 2 at the most i try to take as little meds as possible

Two at the moment, plus one prn

Well I’ve been on paracetamol too that makes it two.

Had my teeth pulled out

Right now I am on 5 meds. Only one of them is for depression/PTSD.

I’m currently on five.

I’m 60 years old and take 10 medications. Klonopin and Risperdal are the only psych meds. I have prostate problems, arthritis, high cholesterol and blood pressure, heartburn, muscle spasms, diabetes. I think that’s all.

I was on 5 (technically) I was on adderall (short and long acting) lexapro xanax and abilify. At age 15 bleh it was not fun

5 psych meds. 4 other meds.