What is happening? Paket12 recovery thread

The symptoms are gone. No negative symptoms and no positive symptoms. Am I really schizophrenic? Not gonna stop my meds tho…

Should I get a Job?

Welcome to follow my recovery Ill keep you updated here if its ok.

Be prepared. It may not last.

It could be a fluke, I’ve heard this happen to other people.
Enjoy it while you can.


I hope the negative symptoms wont come back positives only appear when I take drugs

Has this happened to you describe

My pdoc wants to try cbd on me should I do it?

I think you talking ■■■■■■■■. You can actually recover and the research is not true either. Or I dont have schizophrenia.

I can remember one time. Many years ago I was going through a horrible relapse. I was staying at my dads house and I was alone all day when he was at work. One day, I just got up and felt great. I felt like nothing was wrong with me. In fact I walked to the shopping center near me and filled out applications for two jobs. The next day all my symptoms were back and it was another 5 or 6 months until I recovered from the relapse.

Other people on here have days where they feel they have no symptoms. It’s almost always temporary.

I don’t want to rain on your parade; you will have good days. But it’s highly unlikely that a serious mental health disease like schizophrenia is just going to magically disappear one day.

I wish it would but chances are it won’t.

Well its been about 3 months now, Ive even moved to another country managing my familys company (disability doesn’t know) Im starting up a business and other projects going on…

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For some ppl negative symptoms do get better on their own.

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Im gonna try a cbd treatment gonna call my pdoc tommorow Ill keep you updated.

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You can cuss at me all you want, it ain’t going to make your disease disappear.

You asked the question, if you’re not going to be civil because you got an answer you don’t like, then don’t post.

I think recovery depends on how you define recovery and who is doing the defining.

I’ve had schizophrenia for 40 years and done all kinds of crap. Including working and living independently. Sometimes my symptoms were worse than other times. So it’s not new to me that myself and others have accomplished stuff while being ill. Even severely ill.

Yeah surely but you aint rich like me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::face_vomiting:

Im gonna show that even a schizophrenic can become a dollar millionaire

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What, are you a kid? Believe me, I ain’t jealous of you one bit.

By the way, did you earn the money yourself? Or are you bragging about money that was given to you like a spoiled brat?

Why does it matter? Its black white purple and blue

Are you taking the piss? He’s giving you legit advice about being ready for anything, and him being a 40 year member of the schizophrenic community I think he has a thing or two to say.

No one cares if you’re rich, we all just want to heal and find our own success, and @77nick77 was definitely helping you out.


It just does, lol.
77nick77, over and out.

Thanks for that @Squanchy .

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Still not lucky tho cause I have sz or not or maybe whatever Ill just take my meds and hope for the best