Has anyone recovered totally?

Any recovery stories here? It’s possible right? I can still dream of a day when I don’t have this illness which has been minimized to being like a constant headache…

I recall one older man on here who did recover totally,
his doc weaned him off all meds.
my pdoc said maybe someday for me too,
but I won’t live that long to find out.

That’s interesting because I have been so functional for so many years with no psychosis that I wonder what is going on underneath. I have been medicated so long I don’t remember what it is like without.

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yeah, I don’t get psychosis anymore either,
just episodes, which can get so bad
I need hospitalization.

Yes, it is possible.

But how do you know whether you are recovered if you are still on medications? And even without them, no-one knows what the future has in store.

I currently have no problems with psychosis, and my mood is fine, but I have residual symptoms of depression/burnout in the form of apathy and cognitive impairment.


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I recovered completely from positive symptoms. I have negative symptoms but they are slowly improving on their own with time.


Fully recovered from positive symptoms. Have the occasional negative symptoms, but as I posted in a thread earlier, I’m making progress in this department too

I feel like 80% functioning

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From my perspective, it seems anyone that works or ‘made it’ isn’t really schizophrenic to begin with. I don’t know. Maybe I’m biased but I think 15% or less of true schizophrenics work. Maybe a misdiagnosis, luck, and or mild symptoms/a good recovery.

I’m recovered but I think Wellbutrin helped with that.

Ive been working for almost 2 years, full time, im on medication and have no symptoms anymore. If i stopped the medication i wouldnt be working for long.

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It usually takes a little while, but usually yeah you’re pretty much back to reality

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