What do you want to do in the future?

in the future i hope i can find a nice girl, get married and settle down x


whow thats a lot of wishing in one go.
i hope you find a girl which you can date, and in some years if you are both happy can propose.

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I just want to finish my book. Along time ago someone told me that you have to take each one step at a time. So each day I write sometimes a hundred words sometimes a thousand but every time I take it one step at a time. Sooner or later my book will be finished.


I’d like to go back to school and get my masters in nursing. And eventually become a nurse practitioner.

But that’s a long ways off for me. I think I need to get healthy and get back into the workforce first.

Your’s is an awesome goal! Keep up the great work!

Happy Holidays!


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I would like to be a nutritionist.

I am applying for school Fall of 2014. I have many failures at school. Good G.P.A. but no completion of a degree. In and out since I was out of high school. 41 now.

but I have hope that now with these medications I can stay the course.

but then the loans kick in after the fact.

what to do.



i would like to become so enlightened that i become the ’ matter ’ around me and then the ’ energy ’ and become the stars in the sky and the colour in the rainbow
take care.

Be happy, starting with today.

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I want to get a Phd. I also want to marry and settle down. I want to work in a mental hospital. I sometimes wish I could have a son because I am the last in my line, my family tree ends with me, i am the only male left to carry the family name. I only sometimes wish this because I would hate to see a child or grandchild be schizophrenic.


Before Sza, I had a beautiful GF and a baby son. A big misunderstanding occured as SZA sent me back stateside. My GF called while I was sick. Asking for monetary support for baby. I was out of it I don’t know what I told her and I regret that til this day. She hasn’t called in 10 years. Kid is 13 now. I hope to go back there to the country where they stay and I know its too late for me now to play dad, I can at least support my son in some way. I also thought if he gets schizophrenia I can support him through it. Because if was alone you already know how hard it would be to make it through the initial onset of SZ. My record is so tarnished I cannot get a job. So I’m hoping they approve my SS. Continue to stay healthy be good to people and take care of my mom, who is in the hospital now I think she’ll make it. Take care of my dad, as they age you know. Just being there is important.


I’ve been living in my head so deeply; I wasn’t really planning on a future. But for some reason, now I’m thinking… I actually have a future. I’m getting ready to start school. I want to apply my studies to my job. I like what I do, and I would like to get better at it and see were that takes me.

The present is so full and so surprising right now; I’m still a little over whelmed about the concept of future. I’m learning how to take care of myself more. I want to become more self-sufficient. I’m trying to see what talents and options might be available to me. I feel like I’m sort of in the beginning of the journey.

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Yeah, I’m 52. I need 5 more classes for an AA degree, I was diagnosed in 1980, I started taking classes in 1985.There were long periods where I didn’t go to school but I’m registered for my next class starting January 6th.

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I want to paint, like really learn to paint. I also want to write novels. I want to learn guitar and my bf taught me some chords this evenng. I want to also learn folk music on the violin. I want to help the needy. I want to do something that helps people, and the only real gratification would be that I truly made a difference. I do want a PhD too, but I’m not sure i could handle working in mental health. I’d rather be a therapist or therapist’s aid, but I know a lot about medications. It’s just that the lines blur sometimes. I’m always ready for the future.


I’d like my play to be performed
I have a possibility at the moment that a theatre would fund me to workshop it.
I’d like to do triathlons


I think it’s neat you are going into horticulture!! i actually thought of it too but i thought i needed more experience or a job of some kind first before i took some classes. We have a flower garden and fruits and veggie garden but it’s small. I’m excited for you i think that is neat!

What do i want to do in the future??

I’m not sure. I have a degree but i don’t use it and i don’t go back into it at all!! i never was that good at it.

I’ve thought of going back to school but school was so hard for me to finish and i’m not sure i can handle that either.

I really like my job!! what’s funny is i’m really shy in person but on the phone i’m ms outgoing. you would never know when i talk to others! i’m actually a top performer in my company. :slight_smile:

I just wish i could make more money than i do. It doesn’t have to be a fortune but about double the income i make now.

Thank you for that. This job is really working out for me. So, what flowers are you growing? Do you have a favorite? I know they can be fussy to start, but I’m in an Iris mood lately. :sunflower: :cherry_blossom:

I’m sorry I can’t remember what you said you job is. :frowning:

I’m at the beginning stages of learning more about flowers. they are all perennials. But i do want to learn more. I think i would really like it. I love fresh veggies and fruit. tomatoes are my favorite for sure on that! My mom is kind of in charge of the gardens but i just help her along. But i do want to get more involved.

they actually had a garden class where you just train to help people with there gardens. It was only like a few credits to get the certificate. I thought of doing that if i got more experience and really liked it. I think that would be a great field to be in though. it sounds like you have a really nice job and your really lucky that you have found this career.

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This is my new favorite tomato. The black Cherry tomato. Hearty, high yield per vine, low acidity, and a bit on the naturally sweet side. There is a full size heritage tomato that is also low acidity and taste amazing on a sandwich. Low seed pulp and not juice heavy so it will hold together well when adding to a salad.


My other favorite new “toy” is called the “Black Satin” blackberry… Thornless. All the berries, NO thorns, easy to fill in a trellis.

i will have to remember these for next year. i do want to experiment. even if i just get good at gardening for my own pleasure. :slight_smile:

I hope to get a Ph.D. in psychology, and help people. I’ve had so many mental health diagnoses over the years, and I’ve been through so much, that I think I would really be able to help people–the wounded healer concept. I would be able to say to people that I know what you’re going through.