What's your dream?



  1. to stay psychotic free the rest of my life. :slight_smile:
  2. to lose weight and be more into fitness like i use to be.
  3. get a better paying job and be off disablity

  1. to have lots of money to open many doors.
    2.find a girlfriend get married and have my own family. stay stable beat mental illness and fully recover.


My dream is that today will always be better then yesterday and tomorrow will always be better then today.

  1. Repair past family damage
  2. Repair past friend damage
  3. Have the chance to make the garden in my head a reality.

For right now, I want my family to heal and my sis to have no complications in surgery and have at least one year of stability all around.


I don’t know. I guess that i don’t have one.


lose my virginity wait no i meant stay in remission and go to grad school


i have a 100 year project beginning in a couple o weeks on chinese new year.
it’s a ritual, for 100 years i collect the non action in an object,
this is “time alchemy” that I invented,
the device will collect and magnify the chi.
After 100 years, the project will be complete and I will release the chi.
The purpose and the goal is three fold -

  1. to end capitalism
  2. to end monotheism
  3. to end gametalism

project is in progress



Get famous.
With or without Sz.


To be symptom free.
To go to school, and eventually grad school.
To become a psychologist and help people who are struggling in life.


my dreams never come true


My dreams are:

  1. Be healthy and prosperous
  2. Get my masters in nursing and become a psych Nurse Practitioner
  3. Learn how to play the violin

I’m making good progress on the first one, thank God :slight_smile:




Got a violin for chistmas!


A. Find a place that helps people with mental illness.

Every time I need help places keep telling me “excuse me, do you realize how many clients we have.We can not help everyone you know” then told to leave. :frowning:


To go back to my normal life and my normal self, before my schizophrenia started.


1To not have episodes and recover from sz
2 get married
3get a job
4 get friends


to sleep forever
take care

  1. To be happy
  2. To be healthy and fit
  3. To be well off
  4. To help my family and friends

  1. To grow my hair out into dreads
  2. To get a job
  3. To get a wife


To leave this place better than I found it by not being a liability to others, but more an asset. Whatever I’m able to contribute, be it for the good of an individual, and the community as well.


Well, today my dream is…

Repair past damage with my family
Find a place to plant that garden I keep seeing in my head
Be brave enough to try new things.

Small dreams… Clean the apartment so my sis doesn’t think I’ll completely disintegrate without her.


I’m glad your doing well Anthony!! :slight_smile: