Do you have any dream or hope about your future? (Realistic)

Do you have the sense that your life could get better and this is just a stage in your life…? Or do you have some hopes for the future? I am struggling with what’s on my plate right now and have difficulty accepting that I will forever be reliant on my parents. My symptoms overall are improving so right now I’m taking one class but maybe next year I can take four. I have cousins in China who are growing up and working and I would like to live a life where I make enough to visit them and see their children grow and have them be proud of me as well. I’m making efforts to form new friendships and study so I can have a more fulfilling life in the future. I may never reach my goal but I’d be happy even if my life improved a little every year. What are some things you are striving toward that you think you can realistically achieve? The one problem for me is that when I don’t meet my goals I start rolling in anxiety and depression and it just makes things worse…


I would like to be able to live on my own with a job.


My hopes are that I will be able to give my son a good life and happiness :slight_smile: and that he’s healthy.


Honestly, I USED to have hopes and dreams but will realistically probably be dead by suicide within the next 5 years. I came close to shooting myself this summer but got committed and they took my guns away from me and won’t give them back. It takes a long time to save for a new gun.

I was actually thinking about this tonight. Things have to change to get better though. That reminds of this:

Grant me the courage
To change the things I can,
The serenity to accept
The things I can’t,
And the wisdom
To know the difference.


I am sorry @WhiteRaven most of us feel that way… I am glad you did not kill yourself. Life is already so short… have fun… and chill…

I guess this is what I lack :

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I have reached the end of my path in life… this is it…

It is better than a lot who are around me but feels like a full stop.
I have a job, a career, a few skills, a partner, a cat, mediocre health, comfort…

It is an early retirement at 28 years old I guess.

After some years of decline and a schizo spectrum diagnosis I started to realize that it’ll not be just a phase.
I hope to recover but I don’t give it for granted anymore.

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Aren’t you and your boyfriend trying to become independent from yours and his parents? Last time I remember the two of you were going to school to get better jobs.

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Things are harder to do than say for me so I’m taking it slow… Realistically I don’t know how far I’ll get with school but I’m trying. I might just do part time work and am looking at helping out at the mental health place right now… How about you @exhile… What are your hopes for the future…?

@anon62973308 My hopes for the future is to live a healthy and long-lived single life because the one child policy of China has resulted in 30 million more men than women for those born in between 1979-2015. I’m a 光棍 (guang gun) or bare branch that can no longer extend my family tree.

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I’m sort of lost in regards to the future at this point…I’m going to have to fight for my nursing license because of my diagnosis mixed with the state I live in…even when I have a job and live alone I have real concerns about being able to care for myself…much less have the kind of life I dream of. I don’t know. I have been not thinking about it lately because those thoughts lead nowhere good. Right now I’m saying what happens happens.

I wish you luck on your nursing journey. I wish everyone luck on their goals, in fact. However I hope you have disability and housing. I have a hard time getting through with showering or maintaining a healthy life whenever I start working. It may be that you want to work part-time one day and will need the disability.
@WhiteRaven reconsider suicide. When I first got out of the hospital I was considering suicide too because everything seemed so bleak. However I loved my family and had hope of things getting better one day and that helped. Also having a routine and something to look forward to like a shower or a good night’s rest. Have things to love.

I hope to be a zoologist or environmental person of some kind. now that all my delusions are gone I have lots of hope. I feel I can “continue” where I was before this damn illness interrupted everything I was doing. Well maybe it was for the better. But it’s like I’ll be going into my sophomore year of college again. I have tons of hope now thanks to the delusions leaving me i’m so happy.

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I love life.

It’s not too bad. I live with family and don’t work. I have a cat…she’s a doll.

Always look to improve yourself but don’t set boundaries…it’s important to have goals but it’s realistic with schizophrenia to be practical.

Your on the right path…that is a good thing!

For me…it’s more of the same…maybye some romance in the future…maybye some more cats??? You never know your luck in the big city!

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No dreams other than I do have a few interests. But as far as hopes go I hope to settle on a religious or philosophical belief and stick with it.

I have some hope to get into public housing before I am sixty. I have this screwy vision of me spending fifteen hours a day reading for five years, and then spending fifteen hours a day writing for five years.

i am hoping to find a nice lady and settle down with kids in a nice big house :slight_smile: