What do you believe caused your schizophrenia?

It was the stress of living in a city that just had a creepy vibe to it that didn’t sit well with me. I was far from home. Plus the fact that I never ate fish my whole life. No omega 3s to support my brain. Along with some genetic component that made me vunerable to getting it. I never really used drugs.

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Btw why do we have some many anon on here?

Stress, marijuana and possibly genetics.

Cat poop. It must have been the kitty literacy. Asked Bob on the bus or in the War To End All Wars.

Genes which were activated by rampant stress that came on suddenly and which was sustained over a very short period of time which meant no chance to adapt to it.

I have no beliefs, since my condition controls what I believe, but there are theories, in no particular order:

  • Genetics
  • A great amount of stress or/and anxiety
  • The ET-s:
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I think it was stress that triggered my first psychosis.

  • Mental illness runs in my family from both sides
  • Mother dropped me on my head when I was young
  • She was and still is intrusive and seeks conflict… unfortunately, it’s because she loves me
  • I did marijuana, mdma, and acid for a short time
  • In grade school my own friends set me up for a fight. Trust issues followed
  • The many unavoidable times I was humiliated and embarrassed

Brain scan proved my brain is not functioning normally and I got ssi


I actually think the number one culprit for me is low self esteem :((

Everything else stems from that

Like drugs and ■■■■

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pornnnnnnnnnnn, obsession

Genetics and emotional stresses.

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I believe it started when I was 17 and I had experienced a traumatic religious preoccupation, the thought of the after life scared me so much to the point I had my first schizophrenic break.

Biological predisposition, LSD, and childhood abuse.

My parents put high demands on me. I had to work hard to gain there love. My life was a bit to challinging.
They gave me a good start in my childhood but with 19 the sz broke out and I draw attention to myself from the authorities and they interfered.
Sorry Richard. I pushed the wrong button. This is a comment to the topic.

I highly think that it’s the environment that we are in that caused our fall. At least that’s what happened for me.

Childhood poverty from an indifferent father caused a lot of stress for my mother. I had no self esteem when I was young. After graduating, my places of employment were mostly negative experiences and people were always trying to force me to be around men I didn’t like.

Trauma as a child.

I think i ate a out of date chocolate piece when i was a kid. I can’t exactly remember. But when i would get torchered i might come up with a satisfying answer.

psychadelics, weed, mdma and stress


Everytime I smoke weed I keep slipping in to hardcore episodes. I generally don’t get them but every time I smoke it’s intense. I keep smoking before bed t find my adventure understanding…

What did you feel