The origins of schizophrenia

This poll was good.

One could say that genetic factors do play the significant role with some environmental factors which can cause schizophrenia. However one half of all cases have no genetic family history and so environmental factors may explain partly why these people get schizophrenia without really explaining the complete origins of schizophrenia. What could the origins be?


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sinus infection

well, I certainly don’t blame my parents,

even though my mom has told me that I think
she’s the reason for all my problems,

but I don’t think I’ve ever said that.

No, that’s not how it works. It’s polygenic inheritance with environmental triggers on top of that. You don’t need any family history and it’s still mainly genetic. And you can have lots of family history and environmental factors can still be significant.


I think its all just drug induced permanent psychosis

Except lots of people with sz haven’t even done drugs.


Well im not saying only illegal drugs, someone abusing alcohol or having too much nicotine also could trigger it. I met plenty of sz often abuses alcohol. A lit of sz i met that used cannabis or psychadelics.

People who don’t drink can also get sz. Kids who’ve never even smoked or had coffee even get it. And drug-induced psychosis following coffee or cigarettes? That’s a dumb theory.


90% i think of schizophrenics used street drugs and other 10% abused alcohol. Those who says that havent done drugs a probably lying. I met at a hospital 17 year old that smoked one joint and he had some mad delusions and was diagnosed with sz

Tell the scientific community so they can stop looking for the cause. I bet they never imagined someone could be lying about using drugs. This is just stupid.


I believe you’re making up those statistics.


He is, they’re not that high.


Yeah and 95% of Americans drink coffee or something. But coffee a correlation for Sz??? Then a lot more would get schizo

I guess correlation not causation but still

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Look, people are afraid go to doctors and say they have depression. If the survey waa done randomly at a hospital or pdocs office many probably lied because of legality issues. Heck even i at first lied using drugs. Its easy to write anonimously thag you using drugs, but saying out loud and what you used to a doctor survey is another thing

Well then why coffee is bad for schizo? It clearlt say out loud that high doses can induce pshycotic symptoms even to healthy individuals

Coffee is good for many szs

I used to get anxiety from it myself

But now it’s very enjoyable.

I dunno about it causing psychosis. Never heard of that. Anxiety tho…


Jesus. Learn to read before you try to give us revelations about the real cause of sz. Of course people lie about drugs. Almost every person on the planet knows that.

Caffeine worsens my positives. I used to be on strongs doses, then coffee would halp with energy. Im on non drowsy ap and if i have too much coffee and come into a stressful situation and boom and paranoid as hell

It’s a stimulant. It’s not rocket science.