Strange sounds

I’ve been hearing a faint, high-pitched, slightly vibrating sound coming from about 1-2 ft away from my left ear. I’ve also heard this sound a few times in my dreams, and one time the sound continued even after I woke up. In another dream my schizophrenia made me believe that this sound was the cause of my “schizophrenia”. I have only heard it during night time, but I can’t remember for how long I’ve been hearing it. Could be a hallucination, but it would be one of the very few realistic auditory hallucinations I’ve ever heard (the only other I remember being a train horn; I heard it one day right after waking up, and before that I got an inserted thought that I’m going to hear a train horn; an inserted thought after that claimed that I caused the train driver to blow the horn, because I’m a god; there’s a railroad nearby, but that would be one heck of a coincidence, so I’m just assuming it was a hallucination; the only other option could be that I’m psychic).

Then there’s another strange sound, which is also faint, but a bit louder, that seems to come from the apartment upstairs. I can best describe it as “alien”, or “out of this world” sound. It seems to have a similar “essence” to it as the previous sound I described. It’s a simple two-note sound which also has some vibrance to it, and I can’t think of anything that could cause such sound. It keeps repeating for a while, goes silent for a bit once in a while, and then continues. I’ve also heard this only during the night, and I remember hearing it even before I got this schizophrenia (at least a year before, probably more). Although it was a strange sound, I never payed much attention to it. But while being in the hospital my schizophrenia showed me a memory where I got angry at that sound for some reason, which is odd, because I rarely ever got angry. That memory could have been fake though (although it felt real). What followed was inserted thoughts that this sound could be originating from something that caused my condition. The voices call it “the spiritizer” (as in the object that implanted the “spirit” that now controls my body in my head or soul (my body seems to move by itself and acts strangely)). Later when I came home and read a note I had written (but can’t remember writing it) there was written, among other things, that: “Earlier I had written about some strange things that seemed to happen in the apartment upstairs, and I have had voices in my head since that time.” I have not found what I had “written earlier” and I don’t remember what happened that made me write such thing (because my memory has been wiped clean during the period my schizophrenia arrived).

The only other related odd thing that has happened was that as I started pacing in my room on the day I came home from the hospital (I had to pace because of the torturous feeling: Has schizophrenia caused you pain or other physical/bodily torture?), steps in the apartment above started following me (I heard the steps right above me), and the steps were loud, like stomping. It continued for a while, and the steps from the apartment above me always sounded right above where I was. Then I went to the other room to check if they would follow me there, and the steps indeed followed me there. I don’t know much about who lives in the apartment above me, other than that he’s a middle-aged man.

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Aren’t auditory hallucinations supposed to “overshadow” other sounds? By that I mean like the voices, which you can hear even if there is noise. With the 1st strange sound I described, I can’t hear it if cars are passing by, as if it was a real sound.

I’m still hearing this 1st sound near my left ear, every night now it seems. And I’m still wondering about this:

If it continues into / out of a dream (while I fall asleep / wake up), then it has to be a hallucination, right?

The “alien sound” (strange sound no.2) is back, coming from the apartment upstairs. I only just went to bed to sleep, when it came back. I think I heard it yesterday as well, but then it only switched on for a few seconds, and then went silent. I haven’t heard it for months (it lasted only for a while after I came back home from the hospital).

The voices are now commenting, saying things like “What the heck is that thing?”, and “Damn it, it’s the spiritizer again”.

The strange sound no.1 is not there yet, probably will arrive when I wake up during the night.

Yeah I get strange sounds coming from my head like meat sounds and the voices say they are disconnecting brain tissue

Ooh that sounds quite disturbing :s

Hope things get better for you, keep on taking those meds…

Decided to try to record the strange sound no.1 with my phone. During playback there’s only static noise, meaning either the microphone was too weak to catch it (I’d hope that’s not the case), or it’s a hallucination, or it’s something “magical” affecting the auditory part of my brain or consciousness. This sound followed my left ear even when I went to the toilet at night, so if it’s something magical it must be invisible and stuck with me, or have a far reaching effect.

Will try the same if the strange sound no.2 in the apartment upstairs shows up again, although that may be an even fainter sound.

The “alien sound” coming from the apartment upstairs is back again. I recorded some audio, but the cars are still passing by, so I put an alarm at 1 am. If the sound is still there then, I’ll make another recording to maybe get a clearer audio.

The voices said they’re going to kill me if I can hear it during playback (that means the “spirit” controlling my body will kill me; and if it wants me dead it’s going to try it). They said that if the sound is real it might mean the neighbors upstairs may be guilty in causing my “schizophrenia”, which must not be the case - I myself must be guilty in it, they say.

The sound was gone by 1 am. From the recording I made yesterday I couldn’t hear it. That means

  • Either it was a real sound, but the microphone is too weak. It would be weird if it was a real sound, I can’t imagine what would make such a sound
  • Or it is a hallucination. That would be even more weird, because I heard it long before I got my schizophrenia, and it always seems to be coming from the apartment upstairs, from the room above my bedroom. In that case my schizophrenia may not be a schizophrenia at all, but something more mysterious

The house just shook for some 10 seconds. This is definitely not a hallucination, even my brother has felt it shake a few times back when he still lived here. It’s been a long while since I’ve felt it shake. I don’t live in a geologically active region, there is no mining going on nearby, there is a railway some 3-4 minute walk away from here but I can hear the train when it is passing by. I wonder what could cause the the house to shake? I haven’t asked anyone else, but I assume it’s not just this apartment that was shaking.

Also just heard the strange sound no.2 again. It only lasted for a few seconds, then went off. This is quite new, it used to last for a while before (until I fell asleep, or more).

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