What do you believe caused your schizophrenia?

I feel that a hard life led me to schizophrenia. Others who know me believe my upbringing was on the whole normal and my family rich. I haven’t a clue any more due to irrational thinking!! On the one hand it was ok and this may just be biological… What do you think caused your schizophrenia and why?

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partly genetics, my father has schizoaffective disorder too I also have an aunt with schizophrenia. But when I first got sick I was a student at a technical school. then got a job at a big name retail store and quit school I thought I would be easier and it was at first till I started third shift. Stress got to me along with being predisposed to it and then suddenly I have full blown psychosis.

There is no one else in my family that has schizophrenia. My diagnosis puzzled the pdocs at first and they did a cat scan on my brain to search for possible tumors. none. I think my stressed out life as an underpaid architect is what broke me. that and bad relations with my girlfriend. boom. schizophrenia.


Stress and weed


faulty thinking…:confused:


Bad luck. 1 in 100 people are destined to get schizophrenia regardless of anything else, I drew the short straw.


MI runs in my family (my uncle specifically has sz), I was born 2 months premature with serious consequences, auto-immune disorders (such as Lupus) run in my family, and I was abused and neglected as a child. Take your pick. It was destiny.


I can easily trace the events that led up to my 1st hospitalization. Then every one after that. But the sza, no I don’t know for sure what caused that or even when it started. MI runs in the family and my childhood was fd’d up.

I have a theory that my psychotic disorder (referring to it as that because I still haven’t been diagnosed) was caused by me being born about four weeks early. No one else in my family really has any mental illnesses other than depression, anxiety, and ADHD.

No one in my family has schizophrenia, most have depression, one has bpd. My diagnosis also puzzles doctors. I believe it’s a combination of genetics, past trauma, and fate.

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I think I have faulty wiring in my brain.

No one else in my family has mental illness.

My first psychotic episode came shortly after my mother moved interstate and lasted about five years.

My most recent psychotic episode came after a period of extreme stress. It is continuing still with brief episodes of stress upsetting me again and again.

No one in my family has anything of the kind. Yet they say this illness has a strong genetic conponent.
Where my crazy genes came from I just don’t know…
My mother had high blood pressure while pregnant with me. That can raise the risk of schizophrenia apparantly.
I’d rather put it down to prolonged stress during childhood and adulthood.
Other than that I had an MRI scan done, my brain looked fine apparantly.

Drugs a whole lot of drugs :sunglasses:


Faulty Genes, Stressful Childhood and a very bad trip (Drugs)

Stress and drugs. I think being bullied had an impact too and lost of a loved one. Never can be sure though

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I don’t think anyone here can know what exactly caused their schizophrenia. Genetics might not have been enough alone, and negative experiences might not have been enough if you preclude genetics. What a lot of you are describing is what caused your first psychotic break not the illness itself.


I have a genetic history on my father’s side of the family, and my Dad had the flu while my Mom was pregnant. There was also a number of things that happened to me that increase the possibility that didn’t happen to my brothers. Overall I don’t have any more of a certainly about it than the scientific community which has yet to nail it down.

Maybe sin. Mine is deff spiritual.

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I got psychotic in autumn/till december 2010 then started paranoia and delusions immediately till august 2011. I was full blown psychotic till end of november until the meds kicked in. After recovering and finally getting my life together, I realized my life circumstances and upbringing and the stress caused and triggered all of it during the years. I had a lot of symptoms before that too.


Maybe I had aspergers n post traumatic stress before schizophrenia or pshycosis .

I think I was molested as baby n then stopped little while then again as little girl.

I think I had moments of being abused n neglected n hated n bullied in different levels.

A part of me thinks a group of people planned to disable me n consciously did so.
A set up by a group of people.

I was not born disabled.
Was even outgoing n confident till suppressed etc

Maybe drugs in late teens helped trigger pshycosis but was different since probably age four or so n wasn’t my self really some how but had aspi (Asperger)features…