What are your fears living with schizophrenia?

My main fear is that my daughter will get it.What are yours?

That I will hurt someone.

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i’ve learnt not to fear sz but just accept the good , bad and ugly.
take care :smile:

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@gainesms I fear the same thing but unfortunately I have before.I pray I don’t do it again.

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I fear the truth, I hope to fear what you’re feeling one day.

My fear is to lose grip of reality again. I’ve slowly rebuildt my life after my major episode 4 years ago. I don’t want it crushed again.

I fear the same thing with or without Sz…will someone else take advantage of me (and my money) ?
Will I be able to take care of myself?
Will I ever be able to afford medical care.
Will I have to get a job if my SSDI runs out of money?
Will I lose my house and end up homeless because my ex wants the money?


I afraid I will never understand how sick I am.

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I’m afraid…
I’ll never get to go to school again
I’ll never be able to work again
That I will never be able to paint again
That I won’t ever be able to express my emotions through writing

I’m afraid I will never find the right meds and that nothing will work for me


Being stuck in an untenable situation I can’t get out of.

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That I will relapse big time and be worse then before.

The rest of my fears I think I would have Sz or not.


That I will have that final break that lands me in the hospital for longer than the crisis unit typically keeps me (5 days or so).

That I will hurt my wife.

That my wife will decide she is tired of the chaos and leaves me.

That my work will find out.

That revenge will never come, maybe i should say justice?

Those are two different things right, i can’t tell because im human.

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i’m the same :frowning:

My fear is that I want be able to focus enough to get and keep a part-time job and then there’s the paranoia sometimes.

I fear the voices will never leave me.

**I`m afraid–always-- for my son :frowning: **

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I’m afraid I won’t succeed at my new job. I will move to a new country a new environment new people and entire new life. I only hope to be stable enough to survive the first three months then I will certainly have a grasp of confidence to continue. I am not afraid of a relapse because I take my meds on time and I always ask people to watch me if I start behaving oddly. I am afraid I will gain more weight. But my main fear is failure. Even if I fail I will try again and again but I just wish it works this time. I’m joining a big corporation that employs over 15000 employees and I might have to deal with a lot of people of different cultures. I will take my risks. Today I received the visa and will be leaving country within 2 weeks. Wish me luck


Episodes. I like to say that I have an ongoing series of episodes. I like to say that I don’t have issues, I have subscriptions.

That and not fulfilling my dreams. I have dreams. Big dreams. Like “are you kidding?” dreams. I want to become a clinical psychologist and research schizophrenia, I’m an honors student in university right now studying psychology. A professor wants me to write an honors senior thesis about psychotherapy under him, another accepted me into his lab too but didn’t quite say that I had the potential to write not only a thesis but a major journal article like this other one did. It’s steps towards a goal. I’ve been busy meeting with professors and staff about what to do, which programs to look at for graduate school, which lab to work in, ect. It looks like the psychotherapy lab is the best option for me, but I am being trained in another lab in the meantime in case. Always have fallback plans.

I fear losing my ability to perform. I just fear going off the deep end like I have been before, not fun times, not fun at all. Like suicidal idealization. Self-harm. Not showing up to class. Extra meds that make me sleep too much and gain weight and have erectile dysfunction. Been there done that, don’t want to go back. ■■■■ that.