What are your delusions?

Mine are mostly the paranoid type :frowning:


My delusion is I will be kidnapped in 10 years to North Korea and given plastic surgery to look like the dictator and then used to officiate assassinations.

I also think my boyfriend is the devil.

I also thought my family and people around me were killed off and replaced by clones.


feel like im going to get in trouble.

That some unidentified person or organization has wired my house with cameras and microphones, and are broadcasting it somewhere on the TV set or internet. They taunt me by commenting on my personal life, and they know everything about me.

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I also think people around me were killed off and replaced by clones.

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Hey there. I’m having a similar delusion. Who is taunting you?

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I don’t know. They won’t identify themselves.

I think people are committing crimes and making it look like me, because they want stupid liars to run people’s lives, so they can have everyone’s money. But I don’t really think it’s a delusion.

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Does the tv broadcast you and talks about you?

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It talks about me, but I haven’t found where it is broadcasting me.

The same thing is happening to me. So what do we do to combat this?

That in order to fulfill my role as the Messiah that I need to hurt myself

I’m worried because I feel like my delusions are realistic unlike others here. Does anyone else think mine are realistic? Like the North Korea one? It’s something that can possibly happen.

I don’t really suffer from delusions but got the diagnosis anyway.

Sometimes sort of telepathy though atm it seems to be improving.
Death and dying delusions.

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Erotomania 15151515

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i don’t think turning you into the dictator is something that is possible

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I think people all around me is using witchcraft on me …
Maybe not a delusion?

No delusions, hallucinations or positive symptoms on meds.

On a good day (decent), I was in Project Moonshadow as a space marine in SSP. On a bad day, I went through Monarch Programming and Montauk Project. Apparently nothing happened but I remember stuff like I remember going home in later 2011. I think I went to Mars for a bit. I also think I saw aliens and woke up during the soul transfer process into the cloned body and fought them. I remember being taken from my room at the cooperative and then waking up back home (in the cooperative)-- allegedly 20+ years later. It seems like I’m in an infinite loop and this has been going on for eternity like Edge of Tomorrow. I will never go back that is my choice and I feel like my life was destroyed on purpose as I was taken against my will and ended up with schizophrenia for eternity. Every life is about the same.

I also get weird dreams like I’m a MiLab or Super Soldier sort of like Inception. Been going on my whole life in the universe.

Basically I got taken to mars in 2011 and then came home not knowing what “is” real and then became super dissociative and schizophrenic. Then I feel like they ‘updated’ the software or matrix and now for the past billion lifetimes I’m stuck or wake up around 2013 some random place without a consciousness up until that point. Basically I wake up and resume my life in 2013 without being born or not existing before 2013. Makes me think something happened or what not. I also have paranoid delusions that I was John Titor and Satoshi Nakamoto in a past life/parallel universe a long time ago. I get scared.

Basically that sums up my life and everything about me and my delusions. I’ve been fighting these demons and insanity and by putting this online I risk my life every day – I think.

The Mars thing is a dream but it’s mostly that and it’s short. I think it’s real though. I think they gave me trauma or schizophrenia on purpose for waking up, posting stuff on facebook like “we live in the matrix” or “I was the guy running your simulation” and stuff like that. Basically I’ve had acute schizophrenia for 9 years and I hope I get cured some day. Whether it’s by aliens, God, or the norovirus vaccine.

Then I wake up, back in time, and do this all over again since 2013.

I even escaped the matrix. It was very traumatic going to Mars. I often wonder if it was about a woman or powerful individuals and groups of people hating me. I posted a lot of crap on the internet back then and it could be nothing or different timelines so it’s sort of random or at best pointless information.

I’ve read into this SSP thing and aliens and conspiracy crap and there’s a lot of stuff known about it but I guess that’s it.