Delusions of ours


What r some of ur weirdest delusions and where do u think the ideas come from. Most of mine were voice lead. The voices would start accusing me of being a particular person and I would believe them. I’ve been a mad scientist cloning people on a spaceship, telepathic with everyone on the planet, I’ve erased people using time travel, and more. What have been ur delusions and how did u get through them?


I have had a long way in schizophrenia, since 10 until 29, I’ve been a lot of things lol, I thought that I can turn into a mermaid, a vampire queen, a famous rock star, a powerful slave owner, the last person on earth, wanted by aliens, a spiritual mediator, but didn’t really believed in the delusions since I can tell that my situation don’t fall into my delusion’s category, the voices were my dad’s voice or mostly people I knew, I heard a dead family member as well, only the psychotic episodes went to the extreme and beyond logic. But lately and in the late 5 or 7 years my delusions are becoming hard to detect, they become more logical or more likely can happen and not impossible, like I have discovered I had a delusion about a member in my family to hurt me, I couldn’t know that it was a delusion made by my sz, it was with me for about 7 years and I didn’t know it was a delusion until the last two months when a brave member on the old forum said that she had a delusion that looks like mine, thanks to her now I know, (thank you by the way, she knows :wink:, maybe she can know)…The other lovely delusion I have is what I live for in this life, and I will be it and it won’t be a delusion anymore, I hope so, with god’s help, because it’s more likely to happen :smile:


Wow that a lot of delusions! I thought I was bad. I don’t think my voices can lead me anymore tbh. I’m all delusioned out. Touch wood. Famous last words lol. It will b interesting to see what my next one is and how away with the fairies I get. Can’t wait…not.


I get these mini delusions where I feel like I’ve done something truly violent and damaging to my family. I just wake up and I’m so upset with myself for beating them up, breaking their arms, stabbing them. But then I finally get out of bed and try to get the courage to face what I have done, only to find, I never did it. I never laid a hand on them.

I have one delusion that has sunk in all the way to my heart. It didn’t just stay in my head. That one I can never get over. It is so deeply engrained it will never leave me.


The sky is falling. Of course it is we are tralveing throw space at incratable speed. Just the things other money is doing!


Always thought I was a Broadway star.


what we do as sz people, when so out there, in the fog of madness, we do as sz people .
yes feel the sorrow if you remember but also take a breath, a deep breath and realize it was the illness not the real you.
take care


I had delusions of persecution, like thinking that i was on tv, that cameras in my room filmed me and streamed on tv, like that movie The Truman Show. I also thought people could use hypnosis on me, like say a phrase and then I would go into a trance and do anything they told me to do. I thought I has been brainwashed like in that move The Manchurian Candidate…


lol well ya a lot of them but still I only said very little about the things I had, and there are a lot more to say about what I went through in my schizophrenia…most of my delusions are more like fantasies and obsessions because I was able to logicalize them all, but you have to excuse me that I was a kid and all the list of bizarre delusions or fantasies happened between 4th and 8th grade, and I don’t get those weirdo delusions anymore, I do feel a little proud of my journey. it was crowded and interesting. I do wonder about people who believe in one of my previous delusions, and how they couldn’t surpass them like me, but still every one is different, I always think of that, and if I can only let someone out of their delusions like I did with mine. But the problem you’ll wash one delusion away to have a fresh one waiting for you at the corner ! it’s like an endless loop.


Mine aren’t very creative. Every-bodies against me. I feel like I am in constant danger in public. And the usual thought-broadcasting.


mine were very creative. I cannot believe now how I believed in them. I guess if a voice tells u something over and over u start to question it but not anymore. now im pretty level headed…until the next time lol


mine were just normal paranoid schizo stuff. Like the city is against me or im the subject of psychological experiments. Also thought I was famous, like that movie The Truman Show…famous in a persecuted way


A lot of my basic delusions were all about kidnappers. I knew they were everywhere. I’ve done some very stupid things and used a lot of time and energy in my delusion about training my younger siblings on out smarting kidnappers.