What are the worse things about having schizophrenia?

The positives and negatives are horrible in their own sense but one thing that ticks my shorts off is the folks that think what we experience is not true or they downplay it. Pdocs doing that is one thing but the old friends who say Iโ€™m full of shite. I mean. Damn. Wait till a form of crap hits you. :frowning:

It cramps my style.

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Iโ€™m in a good mood, so I find one good thing about having SZ:

The soundtrack in my head that always keeps me company and tells me when things are OK or not OK.

"I feel good, and in a special way,
Iโ€™m in love and itโ€™s a sunny day

Good day sunshine"

The negative symtoms. Not benig able to motviate myself to clean my clothes and shower.

I second this. Being med resistant is hell.

Do you get negative symtoms? Are you on meds for them?

The paranoia is with me always. I struggle to make friends cus Iโ€™m so convinced no one will like me

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