Worst part of Sz

I have had sz since I was 19. I’m now 35yrs old. So I’ve had it for 16 years. The worst part of it is getting delusional and the second worst thing about it is getting episodes. That is just the way it is for me. How long have you had SZ and what is the worst thing about it for you?

I hate the cognitive failure that comes with episodes for me. I can’t think, speak or remember anything.

I’m sorry this happens to you. I guess the best thing for you is to be around people who understand you when this happens. peace

I was diagnosed in 1980. I hate the paranoia.

I hate the false memories, the delusions and most of all the negative symptoms.

I would have to say that the worst part is the deep rooted paranoia I experience.
I just can’t shake it.

I hate my false memories, my delusions, racing thoughts and insomnia.

I’d have to say the paranoia and paralysing delusions. When I’m really unwell, I can’t speak to anyone about how bad it is. It takes a long time to get me to open up. I feel lost.

I’ve also had it for about 15 years. The worst part for me used to be holding down jobs with all the paranoia, anxiety, and confusion. I did that for a long time with no treatment. Now, I’m on disability so the worst part is just not being able so function socially. Back before I was diagnosed and on meds I would force myself to go out in public and the paranoia was hell and it made going out a nightmare. I was one of those people who was visibly screwed up, that was pretty bad too.

For me the worst part was the first part – hearing voices and having paranoid delusions. So emotionally painful.

After I came into a better med mix those went away and I only had delusions of reference, in which I would imagine that people were talking about me.

Now I just have the residual paranoia in social situations of thinking people are judging me, even people that I know love me. I am wondering if that suspiciousness will ever go away!

Not being able to force myself to think. I value knowledge and problem solving like in physics and computer programming. So not being able to think is the absolute worst thing in my opinion.

Then the motivational problems, social isolation, and having to feel like I fake all my facial expressions in social situations because they don’t come naturally.

Delusions suck, but they’re manageable. I just don’t leave the apartment much and stop watching TV when it gets bad. Sometimes they can be entertaining; and when they’re over, it gives me insight into how I think about things.

I lost my social skills .

I was diagnosed in 2009 I think…I’ve had symptoms since the late 1980s though. I lose track of dates a lot…maybe it was 08 and I got disability in 09. Lol.

My opinion on the worst thing may change day to day. Maybe the worst part is always assuming people think bad things about me. Even if they aren’t, I still think so.

I don’t get such severe episodes now. it is more like a constant state of living a less than good life and of being disabled in the sense of not being able to do with my mind what I once could easily. daily suffering is part of it too. and the feeling (delusion?) that nobody gives two hoots except fellow sufferers of sz and some family.

the voices are hurtful too. so what’s the worst of it? the delusion? that nobody cares.


Worst part of schizophrenia? Having it.

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I was dxed at 15. I’m now 60. I’ve never had positive symptoms, except disorganized thinking. For me the worst part is growing alienation from the world + its people.

The worst part is that I was born!


I was diagnosed in1999 at 29…I’m now 43!

It’s the negative symptoms that bite my ass…seriously…that lack of motivation…that lack of doing anything…People tend to think your lazy but it’s anything but…

those hallucinations and stuff…nothing…I Like the challenge…those negatives bite ass so bad!

A friend in the struggle,


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Exactly. That is the same boat I’m in. I hate the negative symptoms.

The tactile hallucinations are the worst ( where I feel hundreds of insects roaming my skin and biting me, or some hand poking me and touching me ), then the psychotic episodes where I get a capgras delusion ( I think that my parents are being replaced by some other people ), and then the paranoia ( where I get the feeling of the ground to wide open and swallow me into the deeps, or that someone is right behind me! ) … there are lots of bad symptoms that I hate but those are the worst ! so far