What are the worse things about having schizophrenia?

What are the worse things about having schizophrenia? For me the dellusions and hallusinations when having episodes has been bad. Then the negative symtoms afterwards. Flat effect, depression, apathy, finding it hard to stay on top of basichygiene. I think I’m better now but still some cognitive issues.


Makes every task far harder, everyday is a fight, meds + illness result in lower iq, live in delusions.


First the negative symptoms, like thought disorder and hallucinations. Once those are taken care of, then it’s the negatives, which are pretty persistent and drug-resistant.

Being med resistant.


The drop of socializing abilities.

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Not working, going to school, and having a family…

I feel like my answer to this question differs depending on the day. Almost always it is something under the category of negative symptoms though.

Today the worst thing for me is problems socializing and making friends. I get lonely sometimes.

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Most of it i can put up with. Its the paranoia and the resulting anxiety i cant stand, and the fact i will probably never get a proper relationship with a woman ever again.

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I don’t think I’ll ever have a boyfriend either rogerrob.

I know mate. Most woman do a runner when they find out im Sz, or end up taking advantage of my good nature and rinsing me for money/food i dont have. Im a terrible bloody partner anyway now! Been on my own too long.i :slight_smile:

i’ve been on my own 10 years

Not being able to have a career
Having no boyfriend
Having very few friends and feeling lonely

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Ive been on my own about 10 years as well. Had the odd offer of a one night stand now and again - but thats not me - im always looking for a long term relationship not a quick drunken fuc k . Would be nice to wake up next to someone in the morning tho! My paranoia scares them off - Somehow im sure they pick up on it, and it makes them uncomfortable.

The future 121212424

The worse things are every terrible symptom I experience.
Nothing stands out on its own.

For me the worse things right now are the negative symptoms like lack of motivation and lack of pleasure.
The constant fear and paranoia I experience and the constant worrying and obsessing.

But of course when I completely get derailed, the full blown delusions and paranoia become a nightmare.

People thinking that because I can do [thing] one day, I’ll be able to do it again most other days if i really want to.

It has nothing to so with willpower, really.
My energy level fluctuates, so does my level of psychosis and cognitive symtpoms, and most people don’t seem to want to realise that.

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I think the worst thing are delusions and cognitive symptoms.

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Long hours, low pay.


Not being able to relate and interact with people very well


For me, the worst things are the extreme paranoia and auditory hallucinations.
Also not being able to work is super frustrating.

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